The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, and why America should be scared and warned about the political Left

In what will most likely be the most famous court trial of 2021, the jury in a Wisconsin State Court in the county of Kenosha unanimously found Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Not guilty’ on the five felony charges against him regarding the deaths of two men and the injury of a third last year during the riots that took place in Kenosha in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting the local police.  To be clear, Jacob Blake was no innocent victim.  By his own admission, as well as that of his ex-girlfriend, he had committed assault (on his ex) and at the time of his shooting by the police, he did have a knife in his hand.  He had disobeyed and disregarded the orders of the police who were called by his ex-girlfriend when he came to her house and in the process breaking a restraining order that she had against him.  But none of this mattered.  It was the time of the Presidential Election and the Democrat party leaderships as well as its leftists allies and thugs, with the willing cooperation of the vast majority of the Press were willing to throw civility, safety, truth and justice out the door-rioting was to be encouraged and tolerated not matter the cost in lives or property.  Kenosha, Wisconsin is not a large city, but rather the size of many suburbs in larger states with a population of about 100,000 people.  The destruction was terrible.

Wisconsin was/is under the leadership of the Democrat governor Tom Evers who purposely restrained the state police and the states’ National Guard units.  The same was done by local city officials and the local police department.  The end result was over to $500,000,000.00 damage and destruction, many injured, and the three lives who assaulted a 17 year old boy named Kyle Rittenhouse as casualties.  Two of them died and the third had part of his arm shot off-but lied to the police and everyone else until he was cross-examined on the witness stand by the defense attorneys.

As said, the majority of the Press/Media went on freewheeling bonanza of lies (just as in the January 6 incident in Washington D.C.).  The narrative was already playing and rolling: ‘Kyle Rittenhouse was a juvenile, vigilante, white supremacist who had crossed state lines to shoot innocent people who were protesting for civil rights, and Black Lives Matter’!  “Kyle Rittenhouse was just looking for people to shoot!”  And on and on it went for since last August.  Just how ugly it got is utterly shocking.

It was easy to exploit Rittenhouse toward this end considering the way 2021 has gone.  America is enduring the Biden nightmare from January till today and the country is very much divided not solely politically (this particular divide has all ways been in existence in this nation and will always be exploited by political parties one way or another), but rather morally and spiritually.  I should correct that.  This is not so much a divide as it is a choice between walking on concrete or quicksand!  Common sense is out the door.  The political left is trying to justify, codify, and celebrate insanity and madness-with the caveat that the insanity and madness does not come into their neighborhoods or centers of power or gathering.  We have seen this trend throughout the year, even up to, and throughout the Rittenhouse trial.

Mark Richards, Kyle Rittenhouse’s lead defense attorney, said that the duty/responsibility of any trial lawyer is to get to the Truth which the facts themselves present.  This is especially true for any prosecutor whose duty is to prove the case to convict a person who has committed a criminal action-but that just was not the case with this particular trial.  The Kenosha District Attorney (and the assistants who tried this case in court) were driven solely by politics and agendas.  As many observers have pointed out, this case should never have gone to trial, based on the evidence.  But go to trial, they did, even when they knew their case was highly flawed.  The video evidence, the witness statements, and a whole host of other issues should have immediately put a stop on this case from ever going to court.  Or if it went to court, it should have been for a lighter misdemeanor charge where there would at least have been a chance for a conviction-though a light one.  Instead, the Prosecution decided to charge Rittenhouse with seven felony crimes.  The last two charges, one having to do with the gun he was using, and the second having to do with the breaking a state/city imposed curfew, were dismissed by the judge (the first because it was not illegal for Rittenhouse to have the gun he used, and the second for lack of evidence, not to mention the fact that the rioters were all out and causing their mayhem at this time as well-victims included).

Rittenhouse was trying to do well by trying to protect businesses in Kenosha that terrible night last year.  He was assaulted in turn by rioters who almost certainly would have killed him had he not been armed with a gun and able to use it to defend himself with it.  The men that he shot were not innocent bystanders, but rather anarchists’ hell bent on destruction.

I am not a lawyer so I will not comment as legal expert on the trial.  But solely as a spectator and citizen in this nation, I will comment on certain things that did frighten me, and I hope will give you the reader pause as well.  Before I do that, I must appreciate the judge in this case, Judge Bruce Schroeder who ran his court with a firm hand.  He apparently knew that the prosecution was playing games with this case-and he did not let them get away with it.  He prevented this trial from divulging into a kangaroo court (or even further-into a lynch mob) when he held the prosecution to the highest accountability in regards to their presentation and handling of the evidence in a case which had the potential to land a 17 year old in prison for life.  The prosecuting attorneys did not care about that but Judge Schroeder did-thank God.  Defense attorney Mark Richards said of Judge Schroeder that he is a fair judge on the one hand, but on the other he is not the judge you wanted to stand in front and be sentenced by if you were found guilty by a jury.

One cannot discount the value of good defense attorneys.  Throughout the United States, it is a recognized fact that good defense attorneys cost money.  This point may irritate many people, but whether it is cynical or idealistic, it should not surprise anyone that one has to pay these people to have your best interest and present you in the best possible light before the public-both in the courtroom as well as outside of it.  The two trial attorneys for Rittenhouse: Mark Richards and Corey Chirafisi were two of Wisconsin’s best, and now nationally famous for their defense of their client.  From what I have come to understand about trials, the accused is basically placing his/her life in the hands of the defense attorney hoping that that person knows what is going on in that courtroom and will bring them out to the best possible end.  And these two men did their job well considering the political pressure being exerted against their client from the President and Vice President of the United States down to cheap Hollywood personalities and sport stars.  The attorneys presented their case with the facts before with the intention of setting their client free-and they accomplished that with the at most professionalism.  They even succeeded in making the star witness of the prosecution a star witness for the defense!  They could not have done better and Rittenhouse could not have asked for better lawyers!

The prosecution was rebuked by Judge Schroeder for several violations, but one should wonder why such attorneys who have been practicing the trade for so many years would so fail in the presentation of their case.  Perhaps they knew the evidence was not in their favor and decided to somehow force a mistrial so that Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence could be chalked up to a “prejudiced” judge.  But one can never tell, especially when one listens to their closing arguments.  They actually decided it was a logical and just thing for the rioting to take place-no big deal.  One of them castigated Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself to begin with; “after all, he was just going to take a beating…”-a statement that most of the media agreed with as long as that beating and destruction was happening to someone else on the other side of the political divide.  But these are assistant district attorneys for Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It was no big deal for them that rioters destroyed the city!  Why in the world would they think that local city folk would nod in agreement to $500 million dollars property destruction in their own city where they live and work? And they said this without the slightest sense of irony!

Mark Richards said later that the prosecution was only looking to win a case, not find out the truth.  They repeatedly peddled the lies about Rittenhouse that was in the media: that he was a white supremacist, “active shooter”, who crossed state lines to shoot “innocent protestors”-all of which was proven false during cross examination.  In the end, despite the long deliberation, the jury found the young man, ‘not guilty’.  Their vote was unanimous.  And most of the media was apoplectic.  I shall never be surprised at the gall and duplicity of the BLM/liberals in their insanity and evil; nor cease celebrating their absolute defeat just as the people of the world celebrate the defeat of the “king of Babylon” in Isaiah 14.  (For those who have not read the chapter, it does not refer so much as to a person as to Lucifer/Satan.)

Before I end, there is another point to be learned with regards to Kyle Rittenhouse’s ordeal, namely what is first two attorney’s put him through in the name of political agendas.  Lin Wood, the more famous of the two, was one of the attorneys who represented President Trump throughout the election fiasco of 2020, and particularly with regards to the fights in the state of Georgia.  But as admirable as that may have been, he was not helpful to the 17 year old accused for murder and instead saw Rittenhouse as someone to exploit for political money-according to one estimate $2 million; and to that end Rittenhouse spent 80 days in jail.  Rittenhouse’s mother began to raise funds online for her son to pay his legal bills as well-separately from these first two attorney.  Furthermore, those on the political right look at the Washington Post and New York Times as nothing more than propaganda tools for the political left-and therefore to be strictly avoided.  And yet Mr. Wood had contacts with the Washington Post to exploit (or “handle”) the news cycle regarding his client.  I point this out because, we cannot afford to be ignorant of what the so called “good guys on our side” can become in the name of their personal interests or agendas.

What frightened me most about this trial was what people in power in government, the courts, and the media are capable of doing to any individual without a second thought or hesitation.  If anyone is under the thought that the media (for instance) would not make the same blunder they did in the Nick Sandman case back in 2016, then this Rittenhouse case should be a reality check.  There are very, very few journalists in the media world who make it point to find out the facts of particular piece of news before they report it.  They are mostly editorialists and propagandists whose primary effort is to be as sensational, in some cases-sacrilegious, verbally insulting or abusive, opinionated, judgmental to push a leftist agenda.  In a very real sense, as much as this world may scream against “lynch mobs” and “mob justice”, these people shamelessly instigate such horrors in this modern day while stupidly denying that they are doing such a thing.  They instigated the riots in Kenosha in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting, only reporting that Mr. Blake was indeed armed and about to knife a police officer when he was shot, and that his ex-girlfriend who he had previously raped and robbed and called the police to stop him from assaulting and robbing her again-after Kenosha was destroyed.  A city suffered $500 million (and counting) in property destruction because of this man!  And still after the Rittenhouse trial, CNN and other liberal outlets, the lunatics of the “The View”, basketball personalities such as LeBron James and woke coaches such Steve Kerr and George Popovich, not to mention the current President of the United States were calling the riots, “peaceful protests”, and treating Blake and George Floyd as the martyrs equivalent to Jesus Christ!  May God have mercy on their souls!

Why are these people so subjectively blind?  What do they think they are gaining by their “virtue signaling”?  Do they think that by their sheer dogmatism they will imagine a utopia on earth?  Do they think they can imagine into existence such a utopia by treating the Truth with absolute contempt?  The agenda of these leftists and elites was to try Kyle Rittenhouse in the media-in the court of public opinion-with the intention of so tainting a jury pool that it would be almost impossible to have anything resembling a fair trial.  But it goes much further than this.  A person tried in the court of public opinion faces the intentional or unintentional scorn of a public that is moving on the hearsay information of the press.

The press and the political left were not blind in this case.  From the very beginning, the videos showing the incident were out but the press kept running with the “active shooter-white supremacist” narrative to this very day.   What is the ultimate consequence of this type of action?  Rationality will go out the door of public policy, discourse, and the rule of Law and will be replaced not just by mob rule, but rather by mob rule with a mockery of civil institutions.  This is already happening in places such as San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, New York, and other liberal dominated cities as local governments are unable to control crime while schools and universities celebrate the destructive behavior for woke political agendas.  It will not began to dawn on anybody until it’s too late that Freedom and every Right that is supposed to be guaranteed in the Constitution as suddenly disappeared.

It reminds me of a scene in George Lucas’ Star Wars 3 The Revenge of the Sith, when the Chancellor Palpatine is declaring the advent of the “Galactic Empire” (with himself as Emperor) and Senator Padme Amidala (Anakin Skywalker’s wife) watching the proceedings says, “so this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”  Not to mention, the discarding of Truth in place of Political Correctness with manipulation and corruption through institution that were supposed to guarantee that liberty.

What does the future hold?  Did not the Bible already tell us?

Mark Richards made a poignant statement after the trial when he said, “the world would be a much better place if we would just mind our own business.”  I do not know if that is accurate or not.  I would say that the world would be a much better place if people would follow Jesus Christ and look to Him as the measure of what is right or wrong, good or bad, because unless we find in Him, the ultimate example of goodness, all the horrors mentioned above will be the new standard in the future.  O Dear God save us!