The Age of Blasphemy and Sacrilege

An interesting phenomenon has been taking place in the last several weeks throughout the United States. There has been an overt demonstration of blasphemy and depravity in the arts as well as in certain social forums that happened with the consent of officials in this nation. It started with the release of advertising for an event in Boston this coming April. There is an event scheduled in Boston called SatanCon 2023. The organizers, a group called ‘The Satanic Temple,’ has dedicated the event to Boston mayor Michelle Wu after the group was denied the chance to deliver the invocation at Boston City Hall. This group has its headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, and their objective is not necessarily the overt worship of Satan (though that is exactly what happens - more about that later) but rather to “encourage benevolence and empathy, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense, oppose injustice and undertake noble pursuits (according to their website).”

This group uses a lot of Satan-themed imagery, particularly the statue of Baphomet, but the “worship” that they engage is in liberal/woke advocacy against the incursion of anything Judeo-Christian, which is why they use the demonic imagery so much: it is used to trigger anyone who would find it Biblically offensive. (Something like the “image of jealousy” which was put in the Jerusalem Temple by godless kings in the book of Ezekiel 8.) Their major point of advocacy currently is for unrestricted abortion. This event in Boston is purported to be their “biggest event ever.” Other than the imagery, I doubt Michelle Wu or any of the other left/woke leaning civic leaders in Boston have much to disagree about regarding their advocacies or their common goals. I doubt that she would consider her own strongly held ideas and beliefs associated with Satan… even if they are.

The subject of imagery leads us to the arts. In Boston as well as in New York and Los Angeles, three citadels of the woke nightmares of our time, there was made public “works of art” which would be considered revolting to most people, but their public revealing are being justified in the name of “modern art” and woke ideology.

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, there was unveiled in Boston a statue of the late civil rights advocate/minister and his wife Coretta Scott King. The sculptor said his inspiration was of a picture of MLK embracing his wife after he found out that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. But that is not what anyone who saw the statue unveiled in January thought about when they saw it for the first time, even with the included information boards with the picture. What most people will see and think about is a sculpture that resembles male genitalia rather than arms embracing. And while artists (and particularly modern artists) seek after backlash thinking that it puts them in same place as Picasso or Jackson Pollock, I do not believe that it would have been welcomed if the civil rights leader (who was a black Baptist preacher, and the son of a black Baptist preacher) lived long enough to see it. I would like to think he would be appalled. Nonetheless, that tasteless ugly statue is sitting on a gigantic space on Boston Common inspiring no one, except maybe the debauched.

Another statue was unveiled, this one in New York City on top of the Appellate Court. The statue is purported to be that of the late United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and if it does not look like her (which it does not) then it is dedicated to her, but not in the sense that The Satanic Temple dedicated SatanCon 2023 to Boston mayor Michelle Wu. This one is supposed to be sincerely honorific! At least that is what the Pakistani American artist Shahazia Sikander who sculpted this statue says.

The statue is called Havah which in several languages in the Eastern world is the word for “Eve” in the book of Genesis. It also signifies the idea of breath, air, or life. According to Sikander, the statue represents a celebration of women’s right, particularly abortion, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am sure the artist does not see the irony. But then again, she may be living in “Bizarro World,” at least that is what I thought when I saw the sculpture she made. The female figure is gold colored and pictured with horns like that of a goat (remember the theme from the statue of Baphomet) coming from her head. The arms resemble tentacles like that of the snakes on Medusa’s head in Greek mythology. Her association with the late Supreme Court Justice is a special lace collar that Judge Ginsburg use to wear along with her judicial robe whenever the Supreme Court convened. According to Sikander: “the female body has a face with its hair braided into spiraling horns. The horns mimic the movement of the arms and are there as a symbol of the figure’s sovereignty and autonomy. She is a fierce woman and a form of resistance in a space that has historically been dominated by patriarchal representation.” This statue was placed on top of the courthouse along with the figures of great lawgivers through history like Moses, Confucius, and Lycurgus, and Zoroaster. Alongside those solemn figures, the statue seems comically grotesque and out of place, like it would be appropriate at a comic book or video game convention!

Which brings us to the Grammy Awards on CBS that happened on Sunday, February 5. In what had to be one of the stupidest ideas ever allowed on media, the Grammy’s opened up with what has been called a Satanic Ritual by British singers Sam Smith and Kim Petras. The duo won a Grammy for best pop duo/group performance for this particular song called Unholy. The performance had the backdrop of hell, the stage bore the same red lighting that President Biden had in infamous speech in front of Independence Hall in September 1 of last year (Presidential Idiocy and Evil on Display – Maranatha Full Gospel’s desk). And it is easy to see why, like that speech, this performance was spawned from the evils of Hell and was designed to be a grotesque rebellious insult toward God Almighty.

Harris, who declared himself homosexual, and Petras, who is supposed to be “transwoman” intentionally choreographed a performance to be blatantly blasphemous and depraved. According to the Daily Wire, “Smith wore a hat with horns and was encircled by dancers that used props that had allusions to BDSM (Bondage/Sadomasochism) themes.” In addition to glorifying their lifestyle and celebrating the ‘inspiration’ of their lifestyle (Satan), their song praised Balenciaga, a luxury clothing store which last year ran an advertising project in which pornographic/pedophilia paraphernalia and themes were modeled by child models. The backlash against the Spanish department store was enormous, but like most of these pro-LGBTQ businesses, when the backlash could not be written off as “anti-LGBTQ” bigotry, then their allies in the mass media would elect NOT to cover the controversy. Or rather to give it as minuscule or “whispering” coverage as not to be accused of being silent.

Harris and Petras’ praise of this clothing line could have only one message/rationale behind it. They support the pro-pedophilia position/advertising of that clothing line. And there is no way that anyone who was at the Grammy Awards could have been ignorant of that reason. Knowing that evil, they applauded anyway. At the end of the performance as the show broke into a commercial break, the announcer said the show was sponsored by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company which is now under heavy scrutiny when one of its higher-level scientists was caught admitting to Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, the company’s gain of function research to mutate COVID and other viruses, all strictly for company profits and definitely not the betterment of the world! After the show, when the backlash started to come in, CBS and the Grammy’s are trying to pretend that the event did not happen, or that tweets were made by someone at CBS celebrating the performance and affirming the worship of Satan. The day after they took down the tweets.

When we see these things, what should we do about it?

First, we cannot hesitate to reprove it while we have time. Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire said it best when he said, “Force them to vocalize their absurdity.” In other words, no matter what they pass off (with the help of the media) as brilliant; it is still stupid because of regular common sense. Just look at the ideas that the woke idealogues are pushing! “Gender-affirming care” – child mutilation surgery to the youngest ages. (According to one doctor which came on Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a Woman?,” this would stretch down to infants!) Abortion at any time because it is “health care” but they have a hard time answering the question of if we at 9 months (let alone at conception) are human beings. I mean, what is the difference of being inside and outside a birth canal, and now some in states such as Virginia and California are pushing for post-birth abortions, in case the mother decides to have second thoughts! Force them to explain themselves not just in front of their media allies who will present the “best face” of these abominable ideas, but in front of the public and in plain language before the evidence as most people will normally see it. We have not even touched on Cancel Culture yet, but everyone who supported censoring conservative voices are now finding themselves as targets of the leftists/woke personalities and groups, and now they are regretting their previous positions! Those who know God, anyone with Judeo-Christian worldview, they must speak while they have the chance because once these Satan influenced people and groups gerrymander their way into not just influence, but also positions of power, there will be no more chance to speak out against the evils that they are spouting with the glitz and glamour of the media and arts.

Secondly, never forget the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Ephesians 6:10-20. Increasingly I see the dividing line between the True and False Church revealing itself in this passage of Scripture. There needs to be a recognition of the spiritual force at work behind the lives and ideas that are pushing the woke agenda as well as the Truth of God’s word. This point should not be a surprise, but we live in times were the number of discerning people are at an all time low, both inside the Church as well as outside of it. It is shocking to see the way that civic and political leaders bow before the woke demons of our time and join with the blasphemous. But it is also appalling to see many mainline denominations and ministers who are silent to the reality of the absurd. I find that offensive because it reveals the true character and cowardice of these “churches and ministries” who in the last several years were lecturing the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists on being too Biblical and “driving people away!”

For those Christians who are of the sensitive mindset, you must understand that you are placing yourselves in spiritual/eternal danger. As the Prophet Jeremiah asked, “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, How will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?” (Jeremiah 12:5) Times are not going to get better and if anyone has the idea that we will “love people into the Kingdom of God,” then you are fooling yourself. Such a position requires people to believe the false ideas that the world is basically good, and Salvation does not really mean being “Born Again,” God is not really angry at sins of the sinner, and perhaps the biggest deception, there is no such thing as a devil or demons. Is it surprising when such folks come to the point where if they do not believe in Hell, they never want to broach the subject of eternal damnation?

All these incidents prompt the question: Why? Why is there such an explosion of Satan themed arts and events (both political and religious) all over the place in recent times? Why is there a rise of tasteless, blasphemous works in art and entertainment? The answer to that question goes back to a book which has influenced the leftists/woke/antigod movers and shakers of recent times; “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. In the opening page of the book, Alinsky dedicated his political primer to “Lucifer the first radical.” Why? According to Alinsky, he was the “first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively he at least won his own kingdom.”

Neither Alinsky nor any of the people who have ever followed his ideas have ever thought about the consequences, or rationale, of following Lucifer, “the first rebel,” a rebel who can never stop his rebellion. Lucifer (contrary to Alinsky’s thought) never achieved a kingdom that could ever rival God’s. Rather he is leading a rebellion trying to destroy everything that God created and everything that He represents and inspires in His Holiness, one of which is the ideas that gave birth to the freedoms and rights which has become a casual part of the west for 300 years.

Satan’s true hatred is not for The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights. These documents, written on paper, are subject to change according to the whims of people. What Satan hates above all else Jesus Christ, the God who is revealed in the Bible.

It is for that reason; whatsoever is a lie, whatsoever is dishonorable, whatsoever is wrong, whatsoever is sacrilegious and/or depraved, if anything can be compromised for one’s lustful desires or instincts, anything that in a sane society would be rebuked, Satan wants it to be publicized. Let the cameras of all the media/social media focus on those things and drive the world insane! An insanity spawned by demonic influence, and which makes people who are in places of power subject to the “mystery of evil”/the spirit of the antichrist which the Apostle Paul wrote about in 2 Thessalonians 2. (Be careful. That time is a lot closer than we think.)

Mankind does not come with a moral compass but rather with impulses and instincts which require that humankind be controlled to keep him/her from destroying everything and everyone. The only thing capable of keeping humans from self-destruction is the God of the Bible. His Holiness revealed in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are the single greatest influences in human history. The greatest demonstration of both was revealed in Jesus Christ who modeled that life in person under the direst of circumstances and times. He provided that highest example of morality that this world could ever know, as well as the Bridge between His Father and humanity by the power of the Holy Spirit which makes that morality a possibility on this Earth. As one apologist put so eloquently: the “remedy to mankind’s malady is Jesus Christ.” And this is why Satan will attack Him, His cause, His Holiness in every way, shape or form.

We are seeing the results of the decisions of generations that worshipped at the altar of secular humanism in the 20th century. They claimed they worshipped no god but rather that mankind instinctively was good and was capable of his/her own morality. Now the ‘god’ that they were worshipping all along is revealed – Satan. This should not surprise the true Church. The Apostle Paul warned about this in the book of Ephesians over 2,000 years ago.

Pursue the Truth. He is the only answer to the lies of the devil.