“If I forget thee O Jerusalem…”-a Response to the October 7th attack on Israel

Assistant Pastor Justin Jacob, writing this response on behalf of Senior Pastor Bethel P. Jacob.

To the People of the Nation of Israel, to the Jewish people all over the world and to all who share the Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

From Maranatha Full Gospel Church

It is only three days, but it feels already like a lifetime since the horrifying terroristic invasion of southern Israel by Hamas. The images of the carnage, violence, and rape that were coming in the press, from social media, over the internet, and other communication platforms were beyond terrible. Even more appalling were the “celebrations” on the streets of cities like New York City and Philadelphia by the supporters of Hamas.

Let it be absolutely clear: the Maranatha Full Gospel Churches condemn these acts of terrorism as well as the terrorists themselves in the strongest terms possible. There is no justification for them and there will not be in a hundred years, or a thousand!

The mantra of many the leftists, woke revolutionaries, and pundits in the media is that this is just the “cycle of violence” or that Israel is an “apartheid state” and somehow “deserved this attack” - without explaining that Gaza has its own autonomy or that the only area of “apartheid” in Israel is the Temple Mount, which is controlled by the Muslim Waqf. They avoid talking about this issue or any other in religious/moral terms because the implications and conclusion would be deemed “controversial” and/or “politically incorrect”.

There was no presence of Jewish people or the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza. This attack was solely directed at the most innocent victims with the intention to murder and commit genocide of the Jewish people. The fact of the matter is that Hamas is a terrorist group and the Palestinians (particularly in Gaza) who are its followers and participants, can think of nothing else but death and destruction. They have nothing else to live for, nor do they want to, because having anything to do with Jewish people, and/or the nation of Israel is an abomination to them. They do not even accept their existence despite a “peace treaty” giving them the Gaza Strip. And since they do not know how to build a state with hopes, dreams, and expectation by goodness, righteousness, and justice for all mankind, the Hamas masters whom they serve can give them no greater goal in life than to commit the most debased aggression against Jews.

For over 20 years, since its giving up of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to the Palestinians, the nation Israel put up with rocket attacks from Gaza because of the desire of peace. Land for Peace was lunacy, but we understood and accepted Israel’s desire for peace-at almost any cost. The world “peace” forums cared not one bit. Amnesty International and other UN gatherings alienated and isolated Israel without explaining the violence, aggression, not to mention the self-inflicted conditions of the Palestinians who support the terrorism and violence against Israel. They never even attempted to stop it but rather chanted the old mantra, “Israel deserves this because…”. Even today, after the bodies of beheaded children were found in a kibbutz in southern Israel, the mantra continues.

We will not join with such so called intellectuals, whether they are in the United Nations, or different institutions or think tanks in the United States or other countries in the western world.


We will pray for the nation of Israel and be as supportive as possible during these days. We pray that the God of Heaven will master the hearts of men and women involved in this conflict. We do not support the act of war, but we recognize that Israel did not want this conflict and never did anything to deserve this conflict. Our only prayer is that God would take control and that this conflict will not spread to neighboring nations and that it will end speedily, decisively, and that the culprits who started this will be brought to justice.

Ultimately, the answer to this evil is the One who we believe to be the Messiah, the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, the King of the Jews, the King of Kings: Jesus Christ. His Message is the only one that will quell the rage in the hearts of mankind both in Israel, and all over the world.

On behalf of our Senior Pastor Bethel P. Jacob and the Maranatha Full Gospel Churches, In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we pray that God will comfort the brokenhearted and wounded people of Israel: the people of the Old and New Testament, the people from whom the Hope of the World is revealed! May we never forget Jerusalem! God bless Israel and all who love that nation, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.