The Dangerous Case of New York State versus President Donald Trump

For the better part of the last four years, the United States Department of Justice, under the leadership of Attorney General Merrick Garland, and by the push of President Joe Biden, has been pursuing former President Donald Trump in a series of legal battles in order to jail him or (failing that) to financially ruin him from running for reelection in 2024.  It is fair to say that this whole “pursuit of justice” has become maniacal on part of the Biden regime, and for some reason, the entire Washington D.C., establishment.

The excuse of the “January 6 insurrection” has been given by those who desire to see President Trump kept out of the White House (and for that matter Washington D.C.), but if that is true, then the simplest thing to have done was to let the people of the United States decide that in November. But no.  President Joe Biden has ordered Merrick Garland to do whatever it takes, under the façade of legal folderol, to destroy President Trump.  Biden then began publicly castigating anyone who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election: a number of over 75 million people.  In fact, anyone who stood against his and the other insane policies peddled by the leftists were branded “MAGA extremists.”  In the meantime, Merrick Garland has begun the process which is now called “lawfare.”

In four different courts in different states, President Trump has been indicted on 91 counts designed to put him in prison for almost 500 years.  His residence in Mar-a-Lago was invaded by the FBI under the pretense that he stole classified documents.  In the county court in Fulton County, Georgia, he and several others were arrested for trying to “steal the election,” the evidence of it being the phone call that he made to the Secretary of State of Georgia in the November 5, 2020, election when irregularities began to show up.  (In essence, President Trump and the rest of the people arrested by the Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis are being tried for their speech.)

Along with Fani Willis, special counsel Jack Smith, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York State Attorney General Lettia James, have all become infamous as the Biden regime also accesses the Court of Public opinion via the propaganda ministry/the mainstream press.  A press corps that salivates at every opportunity to see President Trump embarrassed publicly and yet ignores the destruction that is taking place to the justice system in this country.

It goes without saying that I support President Trump.  If you have read previous articles of mine, you know the journey of the last 8 years.  President Trump is someone who won my (and tens of million others) respect in the course of the last eight years.  The four years of his presidency were unlike any of the other six presidencies through which I have lived.  I have never seen the media exhibit such anger and enmity with a President like they have toward President Trump.  The day he won the election, elements in the government spread the lies about the Russia Hoax through a media which was less than judicious about the stories they were spreading.

Besides two impeachments and numerous other made up accusations, one of the most appalling episodes had to do with three supreme court nominees who were treated with absolute contempt almost to the point of destroying them professionally and personally, all because they were connected to President Donald Trump.  Why?  Because almost all the media had such a hatred for this man (not to mention his enemies in congress) that they could not respect anything good that he did for the nation.  Rather, they carried a vile appetite for his destruction.  I cannot address all the court cases against President Trump, but there is one that must be addressed.

Two of the three trials in New York are civil trials, and so far, both of them have been presided by judges who were highly antagonistic to President Trump and his defense team.  This is bad enough, but the second trial is the one that should scare people to their senses, if it has not already.  The second trial had to do with his business entity and supposed overvaluing of real estate properties controlled by them, including (for some reason) his Mar-a-Lago resort/residence in Florida.  Judge Arthur F. Engoron valued this property at $18 million, a number which will come as a shock to anyone in the area considering the property value of the surrounding area starting near $100 million.  Aside from the laughing hyena pack of reporters in the propaganda ministry, almost no one can understand the subsequent proceeding of this trial and the verdict handed down by Judge Engoron.  The reason?  There was no crime.  None of the witnesses and/or accusers lost anything, and in fact, the bankers and lenders who were called in as witnesses said they made enormous profits from their ventures with Mr. Trump in the past, and in fact lauded their past deals and expressed their hopes for more in the future.  No one lost anything.  Everyone made their money.  So what was the crime?  No one knows.  And still, Judge Engoron, with the strong prompting of Letitia James were going to “get Trump.”

This was not a jury trial.  The verdict was handed down by the judge himself, who decided that President Trump was guilty of something and therefore the Trump business entity (which has been a major part of NYC development and culture for over 40 years) along with his three older children could no longer do business in New York City for the next 3 years, along with a massive fine.  He then imposed a gigantic $450 million bond price, a price to be paid if this verdict was to be appealed to a higher court.  If that bond was not paid, then the salivating Letitia James would start seizing his properties in New York City, beginning with Trump Towers.

Without going into the deeper legal issues, one can surmise that the whole intention of this ruling was to strike at President Trump’s finances, particularly as the Presidential election heats up.  Like most wealthy people, President Trump’s wealth is not in huge piles of cash but rather in other assets (only one of which is in property).  President Trump was informed that whatever properties were either seized and/or auctioned off by the New York state government, or whatever he had to sell at cheap prices to pay the $450 million, he would never see that asset again, even if he wins the appeal.

Of course, neither Letitia James nor Arthur Engoron, nor for that matter, the liberal press, care too much about that problem.  In fact, they are as careless as they were after the fact that almost all the information to push the COVID narrative which caused so much destruction to innocent people, businesses, and public institution turned out to be false.  The media’s attitude: “Oh well, it just had to be done.”  President Trump assessed the situation correctly.  Every single business in New York can become targets for the rogue government that can choose to destroy them in this manner.  This is not Nazi Germany.  This is the United States with the most famous Constitution and Bill of Rights ever devised.  And yet a $450 million penalty was assessed on a victimless “crime” by a rogue judge and state Attorney General without a jury or a complainant.  A judge whose bias was so overt that not once did he rule in favor toward the defense but intentionally set out to condemn and destroy a person he openly hated.  And he was spawned on by an Attorney General who ran with the judicial attack on President Donald Trump as her main political goal.  She won in a state whose liberal majority populace salivated for this political attack without a second thought.  God only knows what the religious people in that state are thinking today.

Putting the Presidential Election aside for a moment, I was struck by how few people realize how dangerous this shenanigan of trial was and especially its precedent for the future.

Pastor David Jeremiah wrote a book based on a sermon series that he preached from the books of Daniel and Revelation about the End Times.  In them, he followed the story format that Dr. Tim LaHaye (Pastor Jeremiah’s predecessor at Shadow Mountain Community Church) used in the Left Behind series, except much briefer.  In the sermon series, the antichrist figure who comes into power after the Rapture almost immediately takes an antagonistic position against the Jews.  It is not something overly aggressive or dramatic at first, but nonetheless effective at ultimately rendering the Jewish people as a whole, financially, politically, and socially, alienated from society.  Jewish lawyers were quietly being terminated from their jobs in and out of government.  Subsequently, they were being alienated from business, academics, politics everywhere.

Dr. Jeremiah’s opinion that the antichrist (and the government he controls) will target the Jews is based on Scripture primarily, but also history.  When the Nazis took over Germany, they did not immediately turn violent on the Jews, though they were antagonistic.  A series of laws were passed which deprived the Jews of their rights and their citizenship and their finances in Germany.  As the months began to pass, the restrictions became more stringent until they were intolerable.  Thousands of Jews left Germany trying to go anywhere that was open to them, but only after Hitler’s government deprived them of just about everything.

Judge Engoron’s verdict against President Trump makes such an event a possibility in the future.  Today, the target is President Trump, a target of political enmity.  Tomorrow, it can be anyone else and the reasons will not be mere politics.  The Biden Regime has targeted churches who do not accept the woke ideas of the liberals, parents who will not tolerate the trans incursion into their local area schools or girl athletics, lady athletes who do not accept the trans incursions into their sports, people who believe in the 2nd amendment rights to bear arms, people who speak out against abortion, people who pray in front of abortion clinics, to name a few institutions which will not bow to the agenda of the LGBTQ mafia.  And the media is almost completely the propaganda tool of the liberal/woke/democrats.  It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to say that most of them will be silent and follow whatever their political controllers/manipulators want them to say.  Why risk your neck to give the other side of the story and possibly be “black balled” or lose your job and perks?  And so when an innocent man like Peter Navarro (President Trump’s economic adviser) was publicly humiliated by the FBI when they arrested and “perp walked” him, after he met with them privately earlier, and later was sentenced to jail by a judge for turning down a subpoena to the now infamous “January 6” congressional committee which deliberately hid evidence in order to judicially attack and jail people, most of the press cheered and looked away from the evidence that proves his innocence instead of just being honest in reporting his position or its rationale.  The same thing is happening to former New York City mayor Rudy Guliani (a national hero for his time as mayor during 9/11) who was forced into bankruptcy as the Biden Regime declared war on him.  Journalist Steve Baker (a reporter who sometimes appears on Blaze TV) is the latest victim as he was arrested by the FBI after his investigation of the events in Washington D.C., at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and began to expose the lies of the official story of the Establishment.  Baker was targeted by the Biden Regime, and now he too is having to fight for freedom as well as his livelihood.  The silence of the so called “skeptical media” is deafening.

Who will become the next target?  And for what reason?

I think it’s fair to say that we are seeing history repeating itself.  Most people will be cowed, especially in New York.  But let us be under no delusion; this kind of case gives the government a dreadful amount of power over the populace of this nation.  And when evil people come into positions of power… we no longer need to imagine the kind of destruction that can be wreaked by the government. May God help us.

PS Later developments: another court lowered President Trump’s bond to $175 million, which he paid on April 1, 2024.