On the morning of March 31, 2023

Good morning, President Trump.

I hope and pray that you are in good spirits this morning despite the egregious actions and reactions of the political left last night. I felt the Holy Spirit leading our church to enter into fasting and intercessory prayer two days ago, and so we have. As bad as that indictment is for this nation, I believe that its timing is extremely questionable.

I do not mean that the Manhattan DA wasn’t going to do something this stupid for which the hyenas (on the left) salivate. I believe it is something more diabolical, more evil than turning this country’s judicial system on its head-which, if anyone read Pelosi’s text-would see is what the leftists want to do with this nation despite all their rantings and ravings about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I believe they are running distraction to cover up what happened in Nashville throughout this week up till yesterday afternoon when they decided to attack the Tennessee state capital building. How does the left distract from offering similar coverage to what they gave during the January 6, 2021 ‘insurrection’? Well, that is what Alvin Bragg did. It does not matter how flimsy, or underhanded-they do not care about any of that. They hate the thought of you returning to the White House, but this is the absolute wrong way to stop that. Every single person who loves the liberty of this country, every single Republican worth their salt, will unite behind you! And it’s a frightening thing if the American Bar Association and Defense Lawyers Associations join ranks behind you now. So why would they do this now?

This simple most obvious answer: the LGBT agenda. This week, one theirs murdered six people-three adults and three children-at a Christian school, in the worst kind of assault. The vast public was not buying the used-up mantra of the left calling for gun control. Instead, the more they heard and saw the actions of the Biden administration and the democrats, the more they felt the visceral anger which Matt Walsh displayed on his podcast in the aftermath of that shooting, and the need to buy firearms to protect against such people.

The political left want sympathy for the murderer. Some went as far as to provide justification for her crimes! Biden cracked jokes at the press conference addressing the incident, and the press laughed like the hyenas they are at the president’s love of chocolate chip ice cream! Neither he nor they had any grief about the crime committed at the Covenant Presbyterian Church School. Rather, it was their time to push for gun control without going into the details of the incident or providing answers as to why and how that gun came to that particular school. The FBI confiscated the manifesto of the murder because it contained her antichristian reasoning for the crime she was about to commit, something that no true Christian would be surprised about since elements of this group are Satanists. The “protection of the trans community” became more paramount for Biden’s press secretary than the protection of children and soft target areas from wicked people. And in Washington DC, the trans and the LGBT will be having their Trans Day of Vengeance convention! Four days after the vicious crime in Nashville! All of this is connected, Mr. President.

Do not fear. God will stand with you because like the ancient Persian King Cyrus the Great, you are standing with and for the purpose of God and His people. Do not fear about the grand jury, the DA, the Biden administration, or anything else. Because from this day forward, God will fight for you in ways that will shock everyone. I encourage you to read Isaiah 59 and the book of Revelation. In the meantime, we will pray for you fervently because in addition to you, the political left is targeting conservative, Bible-believing Christians, and anyone who holds true to a Judeo-Christian morality or ethic, and anyone who stands in the way of their antichristian, globalist agenda. May God bless you. Keep fighting to the end.

In Service of the King of Kings,

Pastor Justin Jacob

PS: The trans day of vengeance convention was cancelled this morning. Supposedly because of “threats of violence”. From whom? Themselves?