Election Consequences – Jan 6, 2021 Anniversary Edition

Good morning from America. Well let's just say it; the devil won this round.  I wrote the following about what happened yesterday in Washington DC, on my Parler account:

"This may sound like a conspiracy theory but as Mr. Spock said once on Star Trek, "once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable must be the truth." The "riot" today was a smokescreen against the corruption that took place in this election. By causing a bigger explosion the establishment powers are hoping to sweep it all under the rug. The method they used was similar to what Cuban communist agents did with the protests in Venezuela-wolves in sheep's clothing. They achieved a circumstance where they attacked the capital which was conveniently under-protected. The attack happened. And the media with their customary bias as well as the democrats, including those involved (definitely in Biden's controlling circle) all start spouting with the objective of demoralizing senators and congressmen who are supposed to out the corruption. This tactic was used with the Boston Massacre in 1770, the Nazi used with the Reichstag fire in 1933. And now it's here again!"

Don't believe anything the media says: these are the same people that celebrated the violence and destruction last year in the name of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. No, this one was different, according to them.  And at the end, some windows were smashed, some furniture overturned, and a forced entrance into the House chamber occurred. The police shot and killed one innocent woman-a Trump supporter and Air Force veteran. CNN personalities wanted to see her bleeding!  Sorry, no riots allowed for her.

Outside of Capitol Hill, there was no other property or public destruction around Washington D.C. No looting.  No tearing down of statures.   And therein lies the rub of the whole matter; 75 million Trump supporters believe that there was fraud in this election.  And they were being ignored and told to shut up, and then after yesterday, several media outlets referred to them as “terrorists”.  On the other hand, the violence last year was justified in the name of Black Lives Matter, who apparently found their “justice” by clearing department stores of high-priced merchandise; ”stealing”, as we call it.  But this was justified by the lamestream media as well as many in the Church in the name of “social justice”.  The “all” of Romans 3:23 was conveniently and completely ignored by many a mainstream African-American preacher as well as many more White preachers with inferiority complexes.

What now? I hear all the condemnation from preachers such as Rick Warren yelling at the President to leave quietly. I ask this question: where was he, and they all, last year, or for that matter for the last four years when all matter of evil was directed at the Trump administration and their supporters? They now have two weeks to absolutely humiliate the man, and then what?  Are their churches or ministries going to open without COVID restrictions? Are they going to be free of threats of Political Correctness, a very serious threat now that liberals hold the power?  No. They will adjust because the message of the Cross was thrown out long time ago.

What about the Pentecostal/Charismatic world, and those embarrassed by the prophets in the Elijah List and Sid Roth? I actually respect many of them because they put their proverbial neck on the line, and many of them preached repentance and revival. I pray that with regards to revival, that the good ones among that group are proven right. But let's face it, all things being what they are, they are humiliated, and no matter how sincere, millions of lives will are adrift in a sea of doubts regarding their faith.

Where do we stand over here in Dallas? I have been preaching about the anointing of Elijah and Elisha, and the fact that as the northern kingdom was racing to total destruction, the power of God moved on these men.  They confronted the demonic powers in such personalities as Ahab and Jezebel, as well as the Arameans kings Benhadad and Hazael.  Yet they both observed and knew beforehand that the nation which they loved was going to be destroyed.  All they could do was raise up other prophets to help them win some souls to God.

I believe God, though I will admit that I am a bit angry with Him now. Yes I know I am wrong to say it, but I will say it. The answer to that is the Cross, I know that. But I have to feel this loss in full and I do. I pray God will give me an intervention like He did with Isaiah in Isaiah 6. What else can I do? All my bridges are burned. No turning back. But I hurt.

I prayed for President Trump every day and have done so since he became the Republican nominee for President in 2016.  Since the election, two months ago, and all the media and political shenanigans through it, I have come to appreciate the mental breakdown of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, not to mention why God will one day judge this world with fire.  The sins committed on this earth are so horrible, and by people in positions of power without a second’s hesitation.

2020 was one big sham by the political left.  From the impeachment efforts, to the riots, to the coronavirus...all of it was orchestrated to destroy President Trump.  I hope President Trump will have a day where God will prepare the proverbial “table for him in the presence of all his enemies”.  This is not because my hope and trust are in President Trump, but rather because of a sense of justice and fairness, and the fact that everything that the liberal left (and their “Never Trump” allies on the Republican side) do and say is an insult to my intelligence as well as to the intelligence of every thinking, honest citizen in this country.

One need only look at the way they treated President Trump over the last four years and see if what I say is true or not.  Every act of rebellion-whether generated from within the executive branch by individuals who believed it was their duty to destroy President Trump and his administration, or overt insults and gross disrespect by people such as Nancy Pelosi-was absolutely celebrated in almost every news agency, left-oriented social circle, universities and other academic forums without any thought about “unity”.  And now these same people are saying that President Trump is disrespecting the office of the Presidency as well as the unity of this nation by NOT conceding defeat!  Everyone one of these fine people has suddenly become “patriotic American citizens”!  DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

In all fairness, I believe that the President and his team have every legal right as well as every reason to pursue their case about this election to the Supreme Court, whether the news media approves or not.  A nation’s foundations and freedom can only be on the Truth, not on an illusion of Truth.  Let that pursuit of Truth go to the courts and uncover everything in that case.  It will be only justice for what government agencies and the media (not to mention, the member of the Democrat party in the Congress) have put this nation through with regards to the Russia collusion investigation, the Ukrainian collusion investigation, the impeachment, the coronavirus, and the riots-all within the course of the last four years.

Americans must learn a timeless lesson; never trust the government. As William Penn put it, "men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants."  Our delicate sensibilities about that word tend to focus on one man at the top, but in a democracy, the tyrants are usually a cabal spread throughout government engines.  We have seen these tyrants.  They allowed their cities to be terrorized and destroyed by mobs in the name of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (after all, “the businesses have insurance”-they neglected to say that premiums would be raised for everyone).  They forced senior citizens with the coronavirus into nursing homes-knowing it would kill many people-just to embarrass the Trump Administration. The tyrants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan all got away with a ’lamestream‘ media who sacrificed the pursuit of truth for corporate and political interests.  The tyrants knew, and the media "had their back", especially when it was easy to blame their common enemy-President Trump.

Medical tyrants like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who purposely played the art of confusion and double speech, caused the destruction of the livelihood of millions, not to mention the mental and psychological trauma suffered by young and old alike.  And what about the tech giants of social media-Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Apple-the CEOs of which (and their governing boards) have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that they do not need protection from the Constitution because they are capable of causing untold mayhem and destruction to anyone that does not bow to them?  In addition to regularly censoring President Trump (the only leader of any country they do that to) and other conservative voices, they allowed their platforms (particularly Twitter) to be weaponized by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to doxx police officers in cities throughout the country and to coordinate attacks during the riots and mayhem that took place since the George Floyd death in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Each of those cities should cite this and send a bill to these multibillion dollar corporations-but chances are they will not because they are afraid that they will become a target like President Trump!

Over the last several weeks before and after the election, the tech giants have shown their true colors, by censoring President Trump as well as any conservative or evangelical voice that in any way questioned the election or said anything supportive or substantive for President Trump and conservatism.  This included censoring the New York Post (a 200-year old newspaper in this country), as well as such personalities as Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Eric Metaxas, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Dice, and David Wood-just to name a few, and the list grows ever larger.  When I say “censoring”, I am using the word to mean not just taking them off their respective platforms, but also tagging their content-as they regularly do with President Trump-something that they have not done with another world leader in any other country.

It can be (and is) argued that the platforms are private businesses that have the right to regulate whom they please.  If that is true, then the Section 230 protections that they have from the United States government should be completely removed.  None of the above is being censored for vulgar or blasphemous content; this is not a problem so long as said content is antichristian or anti-Bible.  But say anything against any other idea or -ism out there, and you have “blasphemed” the gods of the tech giants!

Section 230 of the Communication Code of the United States “provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an ‘interactive computer service’ who publish information provided by third-party users.  No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”  If this is true, then by what right do these platforms add taglines or blatantly censor or expel from their platforms (which, to be considered for Section 230, have to be public) anyone who they decide is a pariah?  Who are they to define what is true and what is not, what is good and what is bad, what is holy or obscene, what is passive and what is incendiary-and then judge with those relativistic standards?  They do all of this arbitrarily-whatever so-called appeals or protocols are just a formality with little or no significance whatsoever; if a party does not conform or bow to the leftist, antichristian, anti-Bible, anti-Trump, anti-conservative, globalist agenda of the tech giants, they will be kicked out.

Photojournalist Andy Ngo of Portland Oregon, who has researched, documented, and taken the videos and pictures of ANTIFA violence and destruction more than anyone else, is routinely censored on the tech platforms no matter the facts that he presents.  Mr. Ngo himself was viciously attacked by ANTIFA in Portland and the local law enforcement did nothing. Whether it was because of inability or a lack of will, I do not know.   But his facts and his experiences counted for nothing against the censorship of the tech giants; simply because he expresses a viewpoint contradictory to the bias of the leftists, he is silenced. Not because said material or information is not true, but rather the tech giants and their editorial boards are offended.

And in an election in which "cheat by mail" (as well as tampered electronic voting machines in some of the states) was the order of the day, state officials (tyrants) ripped off President Trump and 75 million people using government engines as well as underhanded schemes. The courts did not WANT to see, so they chose not to see it (no point shaking up the system).  As Stalin said, "People who vote decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything".

As the nation watched, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Arizona stop counting votes on Election Day-why?  Republican poll watchers were forcibly removed from the counting areas in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia (by connivance-apparently there was a purported water break in the Atlanta area)-why?  And to make matters worse (to borrow a term from Mark Dice), the “media industrial complex” is in essence saying to everyone, “there is nothing to see here, move along”.  Why should we believe them?

It must be said that social media platforms are not the only ones guilty of alienating the Truth.  In the course of the last four weeks, the state legislatures in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan hosted hearings on election fraud in their respective states during the November 3 election.  The attorneys on President Trump’s legal team were at first lampooned by the media because of their claim of the “vast amount of evidence” for the alleged fraud.  Attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powel, Jenna Ellis, and Lin Wood repeatedly said they would present what they had uncovered in the Court of Law and in legislative hearings.  “Where is the evidence?  There is no evidence!” laughed the pundits of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and even Fox.  And yet how is anyone supposed to believe such dogmatic statements if the press refuses to cover these hearings where eyewitness have sworn themselves against a charge of perjury (which carries at least a 5-year prison term) as well as their personal destruction by leftists and local government groups in their states?  What would prompt these people to put their necks on the line and testify to gross misconduct and illegal activity to affect the outcome of this election, considering what they have to lose from the “hand of malignity” (a term used by the fourth Chief Justice John Marshall, one of the most formidable judges in American history)?  And yet by their willful silence, censoring, or turning the blind eye, the media has alienated the Truth and branded these people as liars without giving the slightest ounce of fairness.  Why?

It is true that news media platforms such as the One America Action News network, Newsmax, and the Epoch Times newspaper have risen, as well as social media alternatives such as Parler and Gab; but they will have a David versus Goliath fight with regards to the rest of the Propaganda Ministry.  This fight is not a one between facts and fiction.  It is a fight between truth and falsehood, and falsehood is easy with regards to the media; for 90% of them, it’s a way of life.

I know that I am a preacher of the Gospel, and I will not make this article solely a political diatribe.  But even from the perspective (I should say, especially from this perspective) of the ministry, it is impossible to avoid the political world; after all, the leaders we elect have the potential to make our ministries, churches, not to mention our lives, more than miserable.  The people who do not think so have never been to parts of the world where that kind of persecution exists.  We have never experienced it in a grand scale in this nation only because there are people here who have a bit of commonsense.  That said, I am appalled by the number of church leaders and representatives that sided with the political left this year.  They did so under the idea that somehow President Trump was an evil racist of a man who generated all sort of evil in this country.  I ask them for proof of that assertion.  Moral bankruptcy?  Have you looked at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris yet?

What is going on in this country is frightening, but it will not be surprising especially for those who know what the Bible says will happen in the last days.  I believe that the Holy Spirit will intervene to hold back evil for a little while because the Church is still on the earth, as Paul wrote the Thessalonians (2 Thessalonians 2:7).  But believers and unbelievers should open their eyes and see what the Antichrist’s government will look like in the times of the end.

If a Biden-Harris administration comes to power, more will happen than just the public humiliation of Donald Trump.  President Trump never had a day of peace in office, nor was there even the slightest sense of fair play from just about anyone in the last four years; and still he managed to carry out much of his agenda.  Carl Bernstein, the former Washington Post reporter who is still living on the laurels of “Watergate” (these last years, every single scandal regarding President Trump was “bigger than Watergate”) named 25 Republican Senators who hate President Trump-and still President Trump managed to have the greatest successes in the foreign and domestic policy, and actually managed to solve problems rather than sweeping problems under the rug.  I believe President Trump and his team should pursue every court case and legal avenue and fight.  Why?  Because fraud did occur in this election.  The political bosses in the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada played very corrupt games, and if they are not caught and instead they get away with it, in due time their respective states will suffer the consequences.

A nation must never forget that it is the Truth that makes us free; not the lies the establishment would ignore or cover up with “civility”.  At this point, I would like to urge a few senators, particularly the Honorable Senator Willard Mitt Romney of Utah (aka Pierre Delecto), the Honorable Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and the Honorable Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, to read John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, and in particular the section where Christian meets Mr. Worldly Wiseman and is directed to the house of Mr. Legality and his son Civility on the hill.  Truth is much more than skin deep and let’s face it: envy and jealousy are easily covered with “civility”.

Ultimately, this is a theological and spiritual question.  Let’s face it, there was a compromised “Christian” community out there that very much wanted to prevent President Trump from being reelected.  The National Association of Evangelicals gave a forthright statement against him before the election in November.  The excuse was more behavioral than anything regarding policy, and for many among the group, they decided to believe that President Trump was to be blamed for everything from the coronavirus, to the death of George Floyd and the riots that came spawned from it, and for the general “disunity” of the country.  Christianity Today (the formerly Evangelical periodical-which it is not anymore) went on the attack saying in affect that evangelical support for the President was one of seduction.  The abortion issue was not “worth it” anymore, according to a columnist at Christianity Today.

I will respond.   Abortion is not an “outlier” issue.  It is the question about the most basic subject of humanity-on the value of life.  If we take it from the hands of the Creator (as Thomas Jefferson mentioned in the Declaration of Independence) and decide it is in the purview of the State (the state will decide what Life is and whether it matters), then in due process of time, all our other freedoms will come crashing to the ground at the behest of the State.  And the foremost example of this is the year 2020!  Churches shutdown.  Elderly nursing home patients shoved back into nursing homes despite the threat of COVID-19 and dying by the thousands in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and other states.  State governors decided to cancel family gatherings and holiday celebrations in churches for “public safety”, while violating their own edicts.  And when riots broke out in cities like Portland, Washington D.C., Atlanta, state and city leaders purposely looked the other way and did nothing as innocent civilians were attacked and business were looted.

What should we expect?  If we cannot stand up for the rights of the most innocent and most precious of God’s creation and call that creation a “Life”, and instead let it be killed at any and every stage of its development in some of the most heinous ways every conceived in medical science; if the body parts of that person is dismembered and sold to the highest bidder by Planned Parenthood and other surrogates, and state and federal governments ignore such ignominious actions and crimes in the pursuit of political agendas and financing-if all of these “compromises” can be made, why should we be surprised when such “compromises” are made on everything else?

The Church, whether we like it or not, will be led into the Valley of Decision.  Forget the world around us.  There will be no more pretended unity, especially when the primary focus and preaching of the Cross has been tossed aside by so many church groups in the name of political agendas and anarchy.  I will say it boldly, any church that put on its walls Black Lives Matter has abandoned the Cross of Calvary.  Why?  No group will have supremacy at the Cross of Calvary-only Jesus Christ!  And yet so much phony “revivals” took place in cities like Minneapolis and Chicago with hundreds purportedly getting baptized-all of it was fake.  What was the point of preaching a “gospel of reconciliation” if you leave out the point that without the Cross of Calvary, all our righteous acts and efforts are but filthy rags and vain imagination?

There will be no racial reconciliation or a utopian state of affairs; had it been so, it would have happened during the Obama years!  Conditions are not going to get better for the African-American community in urban areas of this nation.  If anything, the establishment powers have figured them out: if they decide to go on a rampage again in the name of Black Lives Matter, just allow them to loot some stores!

Why should we pursue a false unity in the name of some ridiculous pseudo-spiritual nothingness?  If the Bible, and namely the preaching of the Cross, does not humble us and unite us, nothing else can or will.  The Cross will break sin.  It is where arrogance is destroyed, but in the first person before the second and third.  It has the power to elevate the status of the slave and at the same time humble the wealthy and powerful.  We become who God wants us to be there; the Holy Spirit comes by the Cross.  We hear our Lord and Savior clearly say, “if anyone wants to follow Me, let deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.    Any other pursuit in the name of a social gospel or social justice is utter folly.  The only thing I will now worry about is eternity.  Our only message will be the Cross of Calvary, and any who want to join there is free to come.  I will be willing to go through a period of self-reflection for this purpose.

Someone accused me of being in President Trump’s “cult”.  No, I was not in any cult, nor am I now.  I will admit he was rough of speech, and I wish that he did not attack Vice President Pence yesterday for “lacking courage”; that was not something he should have done, irrespective of Vice President Pence’s assessment of what he should have done with the ballots from the contested states.  The Vice President stood with the President through thick and thin for the last four years and he deserved better, though I believe President Trump was right in saying that the democracy of this nation was very much in danger.  No, we did not worship Donald Trump in America, rather the reason tens of millions stood with him and stand with him now is because he made them proud to be Americans.

But they did not worship with him.  They were mostly down-to-earth middle-class folk who were regularly insulted by the elitists in the Ivy League, not to mention Hollywood.  Trump brought their factories back from foreign nations and in the Rust Belt.  He gave them tax breaks which helped them keep and grow more of their money.  He did not let the ridiculous environmentalists and their Green New Deal come close to them but rather fervently, unapologetically, and without any hypocrisy stood for them here as well as in front of the world.  They did not worship him.  They will go on with their lives after January 20.  The same cannot be said about the other side: just in case anyone has forgotten the rioting and destruction during Trump’s inauguration and the month before it.  To be clear, we saw the wrongs and the unfairness for the last four years up until this last week.  In the last two years after the Democrats took the House, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi (a lady so vile, publicly insulting President Trump in every instance, including at the 2020 State of the Union speech where she publically tore the official copy of the speech in half after the President spoke) and driven with collective hatred, they set up dozens of committees with the intention of investigating every single detail of President Trump’s life, and that of his family.  What did they accomplish?  What did Maxine Water’s banking committee find?  After all the bogus cases, including the impeachment insanity, what was the point?  They did it all for harassment.  Trump’s supporters took in all of this with a stiff upper lip till January 6, 2021.  To quote Martin Luther King Jr., “riot is the language of the unheard”; indeed, that’s what was said by many pundits last year-why not now?  Trump heard that segment of American society, and he listened to everyone, even the ones who cursed at him.  Ice Cube, the rapper, mentioned this last October when President Trump met with him to make the Platinum Plan contract with Black America.  No, people who voted for President Trump did not worship him.  They observed him.  They listened to him.  And he earned their respect and support.

The Evangelical/Moral majority were treated well by him.  He did not hesitate to have them to the White House to meet and pray for him.  He guarded their First Amendment rights which were, and now which are, under threat with every single Democrat who now comes into office.  He did not let the political obfuscation cloud the issue of abortion.  He did not let the leftist tyrants in the coastal cities and states run roughshod over churches and ministries in the name of effecting a diabolical agenda.  All of this was secure.  I hope churches remember this in days to come.  With all his qwerks and idiosyncrasies, President Trump did honor the God of the Bible above all else, and while people may say that we overlooked his deficiencies, consider, “he who is without sin, left them cast the first stone.”  Yes we acknowledge the insults and the mannerisms, but have you taken in the amount of abuse he and his family have taken and not responded in kind?

President Trump has nothing to be ashamed of in regards to his record: building the strongest American economy in history even with COVID-19, ending a 20-year war, getting this country out of Syria, taking out ISIS, taking out Qasim Solemani, and most important, such gigantic strides with regards to Israel, with the new embassy in Jerusalem and several Islamic nations recognizing the sovereignty of the country.  People should understand the significance of that last one: since 1948, only Egypt and Jordan have actually done that.  But now, several nations such as the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, and soon Saudi Arabia will join in formally recognizing Israel.  He put three conservative justices on the Supreme Court: one should take into account the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission where the LGBTQ and the state of Colorado destroyed a man’s bakery because he would not make a wedding cake for a gay wedding.  That case was intentionally destructive; the LGBTQ did not think about just going to another bakery or for that matter trying this tactic against a Muslim bakery. Believe me, the outcome would have come much sooner and not in court!  It was strictly antichristian, and it reached the Supreme Court just after Neal Gorsuch replaced the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  The border wall, the development of the COVID vaccines which will save tens of millions of lives in the future…these and several other things are incredible accomplishments within four years.

It is the “night of long knives”.  Pelosi is talking about another impeachment circus and asking Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and get rid of the President-something that he said he would not do.  Everybody is condemning, resigning, or spitting at President Trump, and only God knows why there is so much vitriol with only 12 days to go to the end of his term (something has possessed these people; or they are really afraid of something he might do, namely release their dirty secrets?)  If Pelosi and the Democrats do not stop now, the President will have more than 75 million people on his side (the underdog has a tremendous advantage in America) before the week is out who will see him as a martyr and in the months and years to come. As the leftists’ push in policy as well as censorship continues, he will be canonized as the only person who dared to stand against the Establishment powers which will one day soon sell this nation, her freedoms, her economy, and her livelihood out to global powers under Satanic control (i.e. the Antichrist).

Was there corruption in this election?  Absolutely.  This biggest proof is the thought police in social media trying to silence voices who say so. And make no doubt about it; they are trying to cover the culprits of the crimes, and in days to come, with such people in power, what is this country in for?  Only God knows.

In closing, I remember a poem called Betrayal from Hester H. Cholmondeley which is for everyone no matter what side of the political aisle you stand on for it places you before the Cross of Calvary:

Still as of old,

Men by themselves are priced,

For thirty pieces of silver Judas sold himself, not Christ. 

POSTSCRIPT: There were five people who died yesterday during the “riot” in Capital Hill, but judge for yourselves as to the cause:

-Benjamin Phillips, age 50, died of a stroke, and probably away from the actual scene of the violence.  He was a computer programmer from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania who organized a bus group of Trump Supporters for the Save America Rally.

-Kevin Greeson, age 55, from Athens Alabama died of a heart attack during the unrest, probably away from the attack in the Capital building.

-Rosanne Boyland, age 34, from Kennesaw, Georgia, also died of an unknown medical emergency during the riot, away from the actual violence.

-Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick died from injuries sustained while physically engaging protestors.  He collapsed after returning to his division office.  The scope of his injuries and whether he had any other health issues that caused his death has not been released.  It should be known that he died back at division office.  Throughout the riots last year, hundreds of police officers were assaulted and grievously injured while hearing mobs screaming “pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon.”  Hopefully Officer Sicknick will not be treated with the same kind of contempt.  It should also be known that the Capitol Police Department is under investigation at this moment after footage of officer opening up barriers and allowing protestors to come to the building.  Some even took selfies, which segues in to the final death.

-Ashli Babbit, age 35, from San Diego, California, 14 year veteran of the US Air Force, married.  She was a fervent Trump supporter who was shot inside the Capitol by police.  She was unarmed.  Social media as well as many news outlets are intimating that she deserved to be shot for her protesting.

Let it also be known that if Joe Biden does become President, we will pray for him no less, for, to quote another famous President back in 1961, “he has foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger”.  We pray he doesn’t end up inside.