Presidential Idiocy and Evil on Display

On Thursday night, September 1st, President Joe Biden gave a speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I suppose it could be said that this presidential speech was different from others in that it was not covered on most of the major outlets, except CNN and MSNBC. But in a short while, this speech became the one that revealed the true face of the man who during his presidential campaign promised to be a “uniter” in the most expansive of terms.

I always knew that Trump Derangement Syndrome was bad in Washington D.C. since 2016. If Biden had anyone with a little bit of sanity in his administration, they would have warned him against this speech as well as using the FBI to target President Trump. But there is no one with sanity in his administration.

Donald Trump’s name is enough to exponentially ratchet up media coverage and exposure. He also is the ultimate pariah for the Democrats as well as for some Republicans (RINOS) – the guy they all love to hate. I suppose there is another reason: they really do fear that he can and will come back to power. The Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and elements in the upper echelons of the military all have a vested interest in not wanting a return of President Donald Trump. And the current election cycle has thoroughly shaken them.

After almost six years of incessant media coverage and ginned-up committee hearings on fake accusations of corruptions and two ridiculous impeachments, the poison inflicted on America by the Democrats has never been exposed as potently as it was on Thursday night. Biden decided to make this speech in front of Independence Hall, the most significant location with regards to the history of the United States. It was in that building where the Second Continental Congress framed, debated, and signed the Declaration of Independence. It was in that building where the Constitutional Convention of 1787 met initially to fix the Articles of Confederation but ended up creating a new Constitution of the United States which became the longest serving document for such a purpose in World History.

But as famous and noble as those events were, this building, or any like it in government, is not significant in and of itself. Rather, it was the men who worked there, and driven by their hopes, dreams, inspirations and aspirations who deliberated and resolved to form a new nation, one that President Abraham Lincoln would later say was “conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” that memory, that work done by these men is of paramount importance. For all their personal weakness, they acknowledged the fact that they were attempting to create “a more perfect union.” It was their memory and their work which Joe Biden has impugned in the worst way possible with his speech on Thursday.

Independence Hall was to be his backdrop; furthermore, it would be drenched in red lighting which gave it a sinister look as something akin to the gates of hell. Marines were stationed at the entrance of the building, and when the camera was facing the rostrum, in the distance they would be flanking the president on either side. The aura of the whole thing, along with Biden’s speech, took me back to my studies in History, particularly the history of 1930s Germany, to the city of Berlin and its Reichstag, and the depraved maniacal dictator screaming. What I am about to say, I do not say to be inflammatory or to be a provocateur. I say with much reflection and study.

As a preacher of the Gospel, I am commanded by Scripture to respect authority and those who exercise it, and I have always done so, regardless of whether the person wielding that authority was someone I voted for or not. Years ago, I developed a cynicism toward the press. For the longest period of times, there has been more one-sided commentary than the actual reporting of news. I know that there will always be an angle with the press, but during the Trump years, there was not even the slightest modicum of fair reporting. Rather whether from CNN to ABC, everything and everyone was spewing the kind of vitriol worthy of Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s famous propaganda minister). And there was no push back within those networks.
Thankfully, there was conservative talk radio led by the late great Rush Limbaugh, as well as new media outlets that were coming up on cable such as Breitbart and Newsmax along with Fox News. The difference however is that the liberal left channels are in the mainstream; these are the channels that everyone has primary access to. CNN was in every single airport in the country via ATT and Comcast. The nonstop barrage of anti-Trump commentary was everywhere. It was being pushed by gigantic corporations as well as the Entertainment Industry. And for the longest time, I could not understand the dichotomy. Vile, illegal actions taken by members of the government against President Trump and his administration were lauded in most of the press as heroic! Members of Congress and the Senate could get away with just about any kind of subversion because the Press would cover them “in the best possible light.”

Donald Trump upset the façade of Washington D.C. politics. For his America First agenda, they accused him of “taking America backward.” Europe was going to hate us! The world is going to explode because this man actually read the fine print of the Paris Climate Accords and saw that it did not protect the climate one bit, rather it was one of the biggest lies to be foisted on the United States and the West and would result is transferring economic wealth to the most corrupt of socialist regimes in the world. Regimes which figured out the best way to fulfill the climate agenda of the Environmentalist like Greta Thunberg was to basically do nothing while pocketing the money for “Green Industry” and shedding crocodile tears. Why bother staying in such suicidal treaty if a nation can get out of it and achieve better clean climate results by efficiency and technology and the better management of resources? The leftists would not answer the argument, so they wonderfully edited the counter argument while putting democrat talking heads and climate alarmists to convince the world that the sky is falling with Entertainment personalities falling in line.

President Trump was supposedly full of hatred because he wanted to build a wall across the southern border, something that Joe Biden supported twenty years ago. He was a racist and bigot because he wanted to stop illegal immigration despite the fact that the left will only cry for this when illegal aliens are thousand miles away from them. The last several weeks, the tone of many leftist mayors and leaders of “sanctuary” cities have changed when Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron Desantis began sending hundreds of them caught on the border of his state to such “open minded” cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago (and recently Martha’s Vineyard); the results have been phenomenal! Now they have the same problem that President Trump along with mayors and governors from border states have been trying to draw attention to and solve the last several years, but instead were met with scorn and demonized by many in the political left. Only this time, these leftist leaders are not even pretending to hide their scorn for the illegals as well as the border state governors.

It was easy to cause the George Floyd riots; the Democrats and the Media pushed it nonstop even though cities were being destroyed to the ground. The city of Minneapolis alone saw $2 billion worth of damage. It was easy at the time to demonize the police and call for their defunding, all for the sake of acquiring power, not for making the world a better place. And when urban crime statistics shot up in those same cities which made a grandiose scene defunding the police, the elites just hired personal security while the commoners suffered. But that particular detail was not covered in the media. The sheer stupidity of city leaders in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Portland, and other liberal controlled cities was celebrated! After all, President Trump was the problem; he just would not play the game of the Washington Establishment.

Joe Biden was the “Establishment Man.” The fellow who has been a professional politician for the last 40 plus years. For a man supposedly working from a government salary, he acquired a large personal fortune despite not having any experience running a business or any professional knowledge of the businesses to which his name was connected. But that was a moot point to ignore; after all, there are a whole lot of people in Washington who do that on a regular basis.
He knew the exact words to say to fit the marketing of the propaganda ministry. He was going to be “uniter” according to the style of Thomas Jefferson (“we are all Republicans; we are all democrats”). His wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden talked about “love,” and the ‘appropriate people’ fawned. It was perfect. But anyone with a grain of sense knew that the hard left, anti-God/anti-Bible nature of the modern democrat party was not one to take lightly and would lead to nothing but misery and destruction. These “tolerant” people were so violently intolerant, they could and would attempt to destroy anyone who did not tow the line with their ideas, no matter how insane.

Whatever the LGBTQ mafia wanted, they got.

Whatever the environmentalists’ rackets wanted, they got no matter - how detrimental; after all, no one wants to be called a “global-warming denier.”

It did not matter how crazy or destructive; the liberal left, after the inauguration expected no pushback, no resistance. After all, they had taken down that crazy Donald Trump and his equally nutty “right wing, conservative Christian” followers. They were full in control of the White House and the Legislative Branch. And the “decent, soft, true Christians” would accede and fawn with the rest of the Left. At least that’s what they thought.

They did not reckon with the fact that the Supreme court, by a 6-3 margin would overturn Roe vs Wade (the case that made abortion legal throughout the United States), with three of those 6 justices named by President Trump. Abortion was an issue which forced every Christian church to reveal their true colors and allegiances, and thereby would sharpen a previously diluted perspective. And then they saw the increasingly depraved push by the LGBTQ and their supporters among state and city leaders in many parts of the country. The democrats may have thought that their Christian allies would follow them lock, stock, and barrel, but that was the worst misjudgment on their part. Rather, it opened the eyes of many who previously thought that Donald Trump was too rude, or that he had too many “mean tweets.” Worst of all for the liberals, the Christian community (regardless of political persuasion) were forced into the proverbial “Valley of Decision,” to choose between their convictions based on the Word of God and the ideas being pushed by the Democrat party. In simple terms, “Do you believe in the Bible, or don’t you?”

When they saw the “trans” incursion into elementary schools in California and Virginia and the Justice Department target the parents who voiced complaints as “terrorists”, there was no way to ignore it. When they saw the lies and protestations against Governor Ron DeSantis’s bill in Florida to keep sex education away from children in kindergarten to 3rd grade, their eyes were open to the fact that the LGBTQ was indeed trying to groom children into that lifestyle. It no longer was possible to plead neutralities or dwell on niceties; for the sake of Faith, a decision about these matters had to be taken. And no longer would the true Christians look the other way.

The Liberal/RINO Establishment did not anticipate the fact that when glaring irregularities begin to show up with regards to investigations in fraud and cheating in the 2020 election, and when officials and media parroting in unison that “there was nothing to see here,” a judicious public would refuse to look the other way.

When Jeffrey Epstein’s list of ne’er-do-wells was sealed for 20 years in the aftermath of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, a judicious public refused to look the other way.

When the economic common sense of the Trump Administration, as well as other correct policies with regards to Border Security, Energy Policy, Education, and a multiple dozens of others were discarded for mismanagement, inefficiency, weakness, and something akin to policy suicide, a judicious public not only refused to look the other way, but their numbers also got bigger.

And then came the personal harassment of Donald Trump by the Biden regime and their allies in Congress. The January 6 Committee proved to be a joke on steroids but the Establishment once again did not pay attention to the judicious public who saw that hearing as similar to the McCarthy Committee hearings in the 1950s, or to the show trials in the Soviet Union during the Stalin Era was a possibility, and there was a willing propaganda ministry present to do whatever it could to destroy Donald Trump and anyone connected to him, or who voted for him, without hesitation.

As the 2022 Midterm Election draws near, and as one candidate after another that President Trump endorsed began to win the Republican Party nominations, the Biden Administration then crossed the line of sanity with the FBI invasion of his Mar-a-Lago Resort home, in the name of the insane accusation that he had stolen nuclear secrets! The liberal leftists in the media had no self-awareness, or journalistic integrity, but rather hyperventilated with joy at the thought of seeing the 45th President in chains. Historian Michael Beschloss could not hide his glee when he rhapsodized that President Trump could be given the death penalty for selling nuclear secrets to a foreign power!

The Establishment (all the Democrats and the RINO Republicans) thought they could explain away all these actions by postulating that Donald Trump was a “existential threat” to democracy; an idea that made sense to none of that afore mentioned judicious public who watched the Justice Department, the FBI, and Homeland Security target parents who revolted against transgenderism in local school board meetings in Virginia. When President Trump said, “when they are targeting me, they are targeting you,” they now paid attention. On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Joe Biden (the 46 President of the United States) justified their fears with regards to that statement, 100%.

“Battling for the soul of the nation”, Biden shouted that MAGA Republicans are a “Clear and Present Danger.” Apparently to Joe Biden, the term “MAGA Republican” are those people who do not buy his pro-LGBT, pro-abortion on demand, pro-climate alarmists, pro-green energy, pro-American Last economy, platform. Biden in essence labeled such people “enemies of the state.” And the leftist media, his propaganda ministry, supported wholeheartedly this incendiary speech in which he demonized, not just Donald Trump, but the over 75 million people who voted for him in the 2020 election, which group makes up 90% of the voters of the Republican Party. Apparently neither Biden nor his cronies knew this last point.

Let no one forget this speech and/or the stupidity that went into it, along with its presentation. Let no one forget that he dared to make people who for the most part carry a Christian worldview with a conservative bent a danger equivalent to Al Qaida and ISIS without the slightest bit of acknowledgement that lefts mobs not only went on rampages in major cities during 2020, but that, this year, they targeted the homes and lives of Supreme Court Justices who voted against Roe vs Wade with the encouragement of the Democrat left. Biden’s Justice Department did nothing.

As Winston Churchill asked once, “What kind of people do they think we are?”

If anyone thinks that we are needlessly alarmed, I want to take you to another governmental building in another country – to the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany. The Parliament of Germany, the Bundestag, meets in the Reichstag building. This building today has been renovated and restored and is once again the government center of Germany and has been so since 1999, almost 10 years after the reunification of this nation. The outer façade of the building is from the original while the interior was completely gutted, except for some sections which are a memorial to the troops of the Soviet Union who conquered Berlin and raised the Soviet Flag over this building at the end of World War 2. That outer façade is a place that invokes many shadows. And for the people of Germany, they are the shadows of demons that possessed their brightest and best to inflict upon that nation the worst upheavals, and through that nation, the destruction of Europe, twice.

On the frieze, right above the grand entrance, is the inscription DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKEN (TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE). That phrase was added to that building in 1916, during World War 1, and despite the protest of the leader of Germany at that time, Kaiser Wilhelm 2. The men who worked in that building added that statement with the greatest of hopes and expectations for the future of that nation. But in the subsequent years, it became an indictment of the crimes and carnage that was committed in their name by the NAZIS.

The sad part of this story is that in the aftermath of World War 1, the Germans had set up of the Weimar Republic. A government with a constitution that has been lauded by everyone at the time as well as by many in the present day as one of the most liberal (not in the incendiary American political sense) constitutions ever conceived. It was to be a guarantor of rights and freedoms of all the people in Germany. Did it have its weaknesses? Yes, but that weakness goes deeper than just the rules on the piece of paper. Spiritually, Germany was bankrupt. They had a state church, but in essence, that institution was more social conscious with foci on social gospel initiatives rather than true Faith, Worship, and Devotion to God alone (i.e., “God and Fatherland!” was the shrill motto of the nation). They forgot to understand that God and the nation were not one in the same. One had to know personally who God was in order to have a true perspective of the nation. The nation was being torn by the Godless, the atheistic Communists on the Left, and the cynical irreligious nationalists on the right. Because the vast majority of Germans could not tell who God was in regard to their personal lives, and only knew God with the regards to the nation, they willingly surrendered their souls to the man who took up the title ‘Fuhrer.’ He became their god because the propaganda machine made everything he did and said, “godlike.” He could do no wrong! But actions speak louder than words.

It's ironic; Hitler and the Nazis justified their need to pass the Enabling Act of 1933 through which he acquired power to pass and enforce laws without the approval of the Reichstag (parliamentary debate or ascent), in the aftermath of the destruction of the Reichstag building by a Dutch communist, according to the Nazis. In the 12 years of the Nazis’ rule, the building was not used (the Reichstag had moved to the Kroll Opera House across the street); nonetheless, that burned out building remained a symbol of government for the German people. When the Soviet Union’s Red Army conquered Berlin, it was over this building that the Hammer and Sickle was raised. The husk of that destroyed building stood unused throughout the Nazi years and was abandon after the war when Germany became two nations. It was again taken up as the seat of government 10 years after the Reunification of Germany, and yet with all the extensive renovations done, that outer façade was kept as a memory to the past.

A memory that says that no matter how noble the goals of a people are, no matter how beautifully or artistically it will be represented on stone or canvas, it is what is in the heart of man and that comes out of his/her mouth and through actions that will either beautify or defile those intentions.

Biden’s speech this last week in front of Independence Hall defiled the hopes, expectations, and the memories of men and women from generations past who came to this country to escape the tyrant’s lash. Men who cared deeply about the suffering that their ancestors endured in Europe for the sake of worshipping God according to the dictates of the Word of God and their conscience. Who lived through the tension of enduring ridiculous taxation and having no voice to debate or protest those taxes. Who lived to be threatened by a monarch who became a tyrannical like other European royals and sent an entire army to crush a “nation of rebels.” In their name, and in the presence of the building where they inscribed ideals to which this nation would live by and die for, Joe Biden (the 46th President of the United States) demonized and threatened over 75 million people, 1/2 of the population of this nation. A few days before that, while decrying 2nd Amendment rights, he blurted out that people who hold on to their guns because of their fear of government incursion should be afraid of much more: “For those brave right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun,” Biden warned.

The Justice Department, and all the agencies that are connected to it, have been unleashed. People are being arrested for fallacious crimes. Why? “Because of the armed insurrection of January 6, 2021” which (according to Biden and his cronies) was worse than the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Despite the fact that President Trump did nothing wrong but was rather protesting an election that was beset by fraud and corruption, and that the Democrats who control the Congress and the Senate are not in the least willing investigate EVERYTHING that happened that day or the preceding months, his supporters as well as anyone who does not bow before the image of Wokeness must be judged by the smug leftist elites in parts of the East and West coasts as insurrectionists who are going to destroy this nation and its democracy.

Question: How do you know that this nation’s democracy has not been destroyed already?

I wonder if people are aware of what is happening in this nation right now. Genital Mutilation is being pushed on children in the name of the Trans movement (the T in LGBT) by hard left state governments in California and New York. If anyone protests, they will become victims of the leftist lynch mobs. Sadly, much of the Church world has nothing to say, particularly those who voted for Biden in the last election. The FBI used excessive force to arrest a Pro Life Advocate in Pennsylvania in front of his wife and children in spite of the fact that he had offered to come to their offices to answer whatever questions they had for him; they declined only to smash his door open in the late-night hours to forcibly arrest him in front of his children. The same kind of incident happened to former Trump Administration officials Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro who were publicly “perp walked” for the sake of public embarrassment. Pregnancy support clinics (which work counter to Abortion clinics and offer support like counseling, adoption services and others helps to women who decide not to have an abortion) were being firebombed throughout the country, and in the case of New York state, with the support of the local state and city governments, yet there have been no arrests by the FBI or state police or law enforcement agencies. Are they investigating with regards to these crimes?

Joe Biden said there is a battle for the soul of this nation. He has a point. We believe he is on the side of the problem. He and his administration are Anti-God. They are in the process of turning this country into hell on earth. The lines are drawn. He and his party may think that they are so powerful they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want without any kind of recrimination or consequences. With every action that he and his administration take, they increasingly thumb their noses against God and His Word.

Watch out. Just around the corner lurks the shadow of a new “Fuhrer.” If Joe Biden is allowed to get away with this mania, it is only a foreshadowing of what is coming down the road for the majority who will not bow to woke, leftists’ regime. May God help us to stand strong!