What Really Happened to Governor Andrew Cuomo? An Opinion

“What you have hunted me for is not my actions, but the thoughts of my heart. It is a long road you have opened. For first men will disclaim their hearts and presently they will have no hearts. God help the people whose Statesmen walk your road!” - Sir Thomas More (Robert Bolt, A Man for All Seasons)

(The above statement is not in affirmation of Andrew Cuomo, but rather Sir Thomas More’s statement of men “who will have no heart”: this applies perfectly to the former governor of New York.)

If you are a public figure, the second-worst thing that can happen to you is character assassination.  Depending on the personality or the way they handle public relations, they can endure and even overcome the attack.  But the worst thing that can happen to you as a public figure is for that character assassination to be proven true.  In the case of the now former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, there is more than meets the eye with regards to the actions and behavior that made this once political strongman resign his position.  On the surface, the issue had to do with his serial sexual harassment of women which, considering the evidence, some of the accusations are probably true—not to mention the true, verified stories of his volatile personal life.  But I do not believe for a second that this is the real issue, or even the predominant issue that forced this man into the corner, this man whose family has been involved in the political scene of New York for the past 50 years.

Former New York City Mayor and President Donald Trump’s attorney, and a political rival of Cuomo remarked a few days ago after the New York Attorney General Lettia James’ report on the governor’s sexual misconduct accusation that the whole ordeal was happening outside the due process of law.  In other words, accusations are one thing, but who knows if they are true or not?  That can only be ascertained in a court setting where the accusers are placed under oath to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help them God”, and then be cross-examined.

Not that Cuomo is someone who deserves better.  His words against the now U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanagh, during his confirmation hearing, was absolutely contemptible, and I hope that Cuomo is reflecting deeply on that now (though I doubt it).  I did not realize how serious Mayor Giuliani’s point was until I saw a report on the OAN network saying that one of the accusers was a doctor who did a COVID test live on the governor during one of his famous briefings last year.  Apparently, this particular incident occurred during that broadcast – live!  To the casual observer, they may be wondering about this particular incident, “What is the harassment?”

Furthermore, according to many who have been reading the AG’s report on this matter, it is filled with similar incidents and confusing double-talk.  This is not to say that Cuomo is an innocent victim of slander, but rather to point out that something else is going on here, beneath the surface, and whoever is responsible is hoping that Cuomo’s exit from the political scene will be enough for the public to turn away from the details.  And most of the media is willing to play dumb.  But if you live in the state of New York, you should pray fervently for the governmental powers for they have descended to a level of depravity and intrigue never before imagined.

I was never fond of Andrew Cuomo or his brother Chris (Fredo), a character on CNN. He was an ultra-liberal Democrat who was always bellicose and bullying, particularly in support of causes of the political left against conservative and Christian groups.  He seemed to relish (and the leftist media as well) attacking them with an obnoxious flair and an air of insulting pontification.

Last year, during the coronavirus emergency in New York City, when literally hundreds were dying every day, Samaritan’s Purse, the ministry headed by Evangelist Franklin Graham, set up an emergency hospital tent system in Central Park next to one of the major hospitals in New York City, to care for those who were affected by the pandemic.  The ministry had used these medical means both in Italy during the beginning days of COVID when hundreds were dying there, and before this, in Central Africa during the Ebola virus epidemic.  Samaritan’s Purse did not charge anything; rather they did as they do in any emergency situation anywhere in the world; operate with the love of Jesus Christ and with the intent to share the Gospel message with anyone who is willing to hear with or without the help they extend.

Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio (at the time, the very incompetent mayor of New York City), and most of the city council and administration of New York City, begrudgingly accepted the help, but as this emergency subsided, they did not even say “thank you.”  Instead, Cuomo, in as insulting a manner as he could muster, basically told Samaritan’s Purse and other ministries from outside New York State who had come to help, to “get out.”  “We don’t need their kind of help.”  What’s more, he also charged them a tax bill as they were “out-of-state entities” who had “come to work in New York.”  Franklin Graham and the others involved paid the tax in order not to offend in the name of the Lord.  This was all done by the Governor to pander to his voting base, and in particular, to the LGBTQ crowd.  Neither he, nor much of the government officials in New York State or New York City, cared about the hundreds of people who were helped, and whose lives were saved.  But that is not surprising considering the kind of contempt that Cuomo and his administration is really guilty of, and which, in my opinion, is the real reason for his fast exit to escape impeachment.

I believe the sexual harassment accusations are more of a proverbial smokescreen, rather than the substantive reason for his departure, and the ridiculous report of the New York AG is not what people should be looking into if they really want to see the real problem with the Governor.

One of the other points of investigation has to do with the Governor’s office’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and in particular, the thousands of deaths of elderly patients that took place as they were forced back into nursing homes despite the warnings against this action from the Trump administration, especially when a U.S. Navy hospital ship was docked in New York Harbor to treat such patients.  Only God knows how many billions of dollars were spent just to provide that naval vessel, personnel and equipment in the midst of the media’s haranguing; and in the end, they went unused!  This was something that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating last year; an investigation that according to people in Cuomo’s office had thoroughly shocked them—in that their actions were found out, and they were scrambling to hide or hinder that investigation as long as possible.

There are no true friends in the world of politics, only friends of convenience.  The common enemy of the Democrats and the Washington Establishment was President Donald Trump, and through absolutely nefarious means, they got rid of him.  That being accomplished, it does not mean that these characters have somehow become saints and now love each other.  It is no secret that Cuomo was a womanizer – it was one of his bragging points over the last year.  Who are these people trying to fool the general public by feigning concern or outrage over his peccadilloes now?  The cynicism involved in the antics is equal to that of the previous owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, Donald Sterling.  The man was recorded making racist statements by a girlfriend, and the artificial world of Los Angeles and the NBA were shocked to the point that Sterling was forced to sell the team.  But the accusations were not new.  The way Sterling circumvented his private demons was by maintaining a public persona that donated millions of dollars to liberal groups such as the NAACP.  And so it is with Cuomo.

More to the point, political rivals in the Democrat party, as well as some others in power in government, have decided that Cuomo is not someone to keep around anymore, and it has nothing to do with sexual deviancy.  If the Democrats are willing to look the other way with Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, then Cuomo’s problem was a joke which the Dems and liberals are purposely pretending to take seriously.  Cuomo was willing to suffer the disgrace of being forced to resign from office and being considered a sexual predator than fighting for his reputation and honor (something he does not have).

You’re right Andy, you are not President Donald Trump, not even remotely close.  He was willing to fight for principle and honor, and you could not for you have neither.  The insult in this whole thing is what happened next.  The New York Assembly (their legislature) then said it would no longer pursue the impeachment investigation, and the way the press is covering this, one would think that sexual harassment is the only issue here.  It is not.  The impeachment committee of the New York Legislature was investigating (in addition to the coronavirus mess-up) other corruptions, including one involving his self-aggrandizing book and promos that garnered an Emmy Award (a disgrace by any measure).

I would ask the people of New York several questions: Does the death of 10,000 people mean nothing?  If that happened because of the corrupt actions and schemes of people in your state government, is that not important?  Do you know that if the people in government involved in these actions get away with these actions, that it can happen again?  Has it occurred to anyone that these are the kind of actions that the Nazis and the Communists perpetrated in Europe and other parts of the world?

What have New Yorkers tolerated during Cuomo’s administration?  Extremely high taxes, government mishandling of the coronavirus lockdown which caused the virus to spread rapidly at the beginning and then literally wiped out so many businesses and restaurants, the push to defund the police and the subsequent rise in crime; those are just some of the details of the maladministration, but not the worst.

The single worst thing Cuomo is responsible for was the 2019 Reproductive Health Act: an abortion bill so vile it has been condemned by every Church denomination or group who has any kind of credibility as well as by many ethical doctors and medical agencies.  There are no restrictions, no value for human life in the womb, despite the child being nearly fully-formed in the third trimester.   And if possible, should a child manage to survive the procedure, the baby could be killed outside of the womb – no big deal.  It was passed by both Houses in the Democrat-controlled New York Assembly, and with great relish, Andrew Cuomo signed it to a standing ovation.  The Republicans who voted against the bill walked out in the midst of the scorn of their Democrat colleagues, as well as the worthless governor that was “protecting women’s rights.”

I wonder if anyone up there has taken time to reflect on the irony.  If a human life in the womb is deemed as something without value in the midst of political histrionics by people in power, how long will it be before other ages or conditions of human life are deemed without value and therefore expendable?  Well, it did not take long – just one year.  And that is exactly the “can or worms” that the state does not want to open.  After all, just like those states who do not want to investigate their election systems from the 2020 elections, those responsible do not want the mass public to know what exactly they are capable of doing: these sophisticated, educated, “enlightened” powerful people.  Let no one forget the words that God asked at the Tower of Babel, “If they can do this, what else are they capable of doing?”  As we say in Texas, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

(As I write this, the University of Pittsburgh garnered “unfortunate” publicity when it was found out that that school was harvesting organs from fetuses whose hearts were still beating.  Their lawyers are now playing a game of obfuscation, not necessarily to deny the actual act which was done with financial support from the National Institute of Health and Planned Parenthood, but to say the babies were not “really alive.”  Granted, this is happening in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania, but considering how similar these two states are, it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to see it happening in New York.  After all, the press in both states, under the direction of their respective state governments, will look the other way.  It happened before.  It is happening now.  It will happen again.  Does anyone care?)

As for Andrew Cuomo, this is a man who last year mocked God during his COVID-19 press conferences saying it was not God who brought down the COVID numbers but rather the expertise of his administration and doctors.  If he or his brother, or anyone connected to them thinks that this whole matter is over, they are sorely mistaken.  The handwriting is on the wall and it’s not because of Joe Biden or his Justice Department, but rather because of the Almighty God.  And He has only begun to work!

I feel sorry for the state of New York.  May God wake up His true Church and anyone and everyone who fears His Holy name and bring them to their knees in intercessory prayer. According to the Bible, God will judge the shedding of innocent blood by those who are responsible for that shedding, as well as the government leaders who did not do justice.  I pray that God would spare His people.  Cuomo and others like him may take this as a joke, but for certain, God is not laughing.