The End of Roe vs Wade: A Dividing Line Drawn in America

This week, something happened that no one in my lifetime ever thought was possible-the end of the scourge of Roe vs Wade-the Supreme Court ruling in 1973 which became the legal basis of legalizing abortion all throughout the United States. Prior to this particular case, for over 100 years, the ideas of Eugenics were actively being pushed and legislated through other cases similar to this one, but this is the one that became the most famous and so much a part of this nation’s political and social life in the last 49 years. Not to mention the fact, that it has cost the life of 63 million children in the womb. Before I go on, I must define Eugenics and give a brief history about and why it is the pivotal factor of this case, and others like it.

The textbook definition of Eugenics: the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups.

Truth be told, before Hitler adopted it, Eugenics was peddled first and foremost in the United States, by a woman named Margaret Sanger and the movement she founded, Planned Parenthood. Some of its foremost proponents were such illustrious individuals as former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Homes, President Theodore Roosevelt, Senator Prescot Bush (father and grandfather respectively of Presidents Bush 41 and 43), African-American educator/activists W.E.B. Dubois, biologist Charles B. Davenport, psychologists Henry H. Goddard. To which ever degree that these individuals defended this idea, they were united behind one particular point: Man, not God, would decide on the questions of Life. Somehow, the idea that Francis Galton pushed took hold of the world at the turn of the 20th century. Despite the fact that this theory is highly debunked, the practices that resulted from it, were anything but theoretical.

Sterilization at the turn of the 20th century, particularly after the U.S. Supreme Court 8-1 ruling on the case Buck v Bell, resulted in possibly 80,000-150,000 forced sterilizations. And this was before the advent of the Nazis in Germany.

In that case, the opinion of the majority was written by Justice Oliver Wendell Homes. The lone dissenter was Justice Pierce Butler who did not write an opinion. Homes reportedly expressed his hope that Butler would side with the majority: “Butler knows that this is a good law. I wonder if he will have the courage to vote with us in spite of his religion.” Pierce Butler was a Catholic, and like later justices Bryan “the whizzer” White and William Rehnquist, he had the good sense not to put his name with the majority of the court on an opinion that resulted in unspeakable evils in the 20th century and brought out the absolute worst of human depravity-the kind that comes from the high world of education and science which has no morality or feeling.

It was only rejected after the Nazis experiments of this concept with creating the “master race” was shown to the eyes of the world-not just in the death camps in Poland such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, Chelmo and the others where millions died because of their race- but also in other places, such as Hadamar-a euthanasia center in Germany were sterilizations took place as well as Zyclon-B gassings, and which resulted in the deaths of more than 200,000 people-because they were mentally, physically, or biologically inferior. And the sterilization of over 400,000 against their will. What is even more damning is that funding was provided for research on the subject by The Rockefeller Foundation for Dr. Josef Mengele who would become infamous later for his experiments on Jewish children in Auschwitz. Harry H. Laughlin, an infamous proponent of Eugenics in America bragged that the Nazis and followed his Model Eugenics Sterilization Laws in the creation of Nuremberg Racial Hygiene Laws in 1935. Neither the Rockefeller Foundation nor Harry Laughlin have ever been called to account.

I wonder if anyone in the aftermath of the war had the sense to ask after seeing the carnage of these death camps and euthanasia centers, “how did we get here?”

The propaganda ministry of this country went into high gear to keep out of the public eye not just American involvement with Nazis’ hellish eugenics plans, but also to hide America’s own statistics on the same issue.

And then came abortion, a subject that went before the Supreme Court of the United States in the case known as Roe v. Wade, and whose 7 member consenting majority were influenced by Buck v. Bell. Justice Harry Blackmun opinion on behalf of the majority, among all the legal minutiae, set a frightening declaration, the basis for all the fights for “women’s rights for bodily autonomy and privacy”-something that in light of the last two years of COVID-19, the political left does not really believe. That declaration was that Human Life does not start at conception, rather it starts at birth. What does this mean? And what is the outcome? It means that the child in the womb is not only not a human being; it cannot be considered a lifeform-even if at 5 ½ weeks it can have a heartbeat.

A lot of the liberal, pro-choice pundits do not realize that they are not even supposed to use the word “fetus” when discussing the baby in the womb-that is if they wish to be honest about their claim. Medical Science says otherwise, but as in COVID-19, “follow the science” means only means what is politically convenient to the leftists, and in this case, the abortionists/eugenicists. What is the outcome

63 million abortions since 1973. But this statistic does not even come close to describing the horror of the subject.

In recent years, the phenomenon of the legality of partial birth abortions, after birth abortions (as advocated by former Virginia governor Ralph Northam), and now the gender dysphoria and gender altering surgery and medication to children under 10 years old, have become part of the mainstream discussion and debate. And the political left is as cold-blooded as the Eugenicists of the early 20th century-without the least sense of irony. But rather with a seemingly diabolical hatred of God, the Bible, and anything or anyone having to do with Them.

The states of New York, California, and Illinois have codified abortion according to Roe v Wade to “protect a woman’s right to get an abortion any time they want to.” I defy any of the leaders of these states to define in public, in front of the sonagram of a 9 month baby in the womb what that means not just in terms of the definition of life, but also in the details of the procedure on that baby in the womb to terminate that child’s life. I do not question their intestinal fortitude to actually attempt such an explanation. They cannot, however, have the slightest moral impulse to justify it. In short, they would be no different from the creators and purveyors of the Holocaust.

Do not be offended by the accusation. Those who perpetrated that crime were some of the most educated people in the world of that time. They had a legal framework designed to strip the humanity from people, and then to ‘exterminate’ them-a term that is used for the killing of parasites and pests. What they could not control was what would happen after the world saw the actual demonstration, casualties, outcomes, and victims of that crime-how do you justify that? (On this particular point, I encourage the reader to watch Conspiracy-starring Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, and Colin Firth-a film based on the Wannsee Conference in Nazi Germany in 1942.)

Abortion is being treated as a benefit to the world-it is nothing of the kind. It does not do a thing with regards to population control (an argument that is used by many social pundits) nor has it alleviated world suffering. It is not safe for women-even in the United States. In fact, safety is not a paramount concern. When the state legislature of Texas passed a law a few years ago mandating that Abortion clinics maintain the minimum standard of safety that any other hospital or medical clinic in the state, abortion protestors went on a rampage (no one wants to call that an “insurrection”) at the state capital. Apparently, such safety regulations or concerns seemed to threaten the right to get an abortion!

What exactly are these people demanding? What is that they want to do? The subject has nothing to do with women’s health-just like the shower rooms in Nazi Death Camps had nothing to do with bathing or hygiene!

If you cannot defend a subject, then deflect to another issue to confuse the subject, is the modus operandi. The political left is bringing up rape and incest as the reasons to scream out at their protection of abortion. If that is true, why push for abortion on demand all the way to partial birth? Are they claiming that the United States is such a insanely debauched, criminalized country that rape culture, incest culture is the norm in this nation-more so than even Democratic Republic of the Congo?

How does one justify 629,898 abortion deaths in 2019? And this in a nation where the morning after pill is available over the counter.

What exactly are they protesting for? Is it for expediency? Immorality? Is it for money? Have we come to place where we think that we can do anything we want and not suffer the consequences?

This last week, a clerk in the U.S. Supreme Court leaked to POLITICO, Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion for the majority that would overturn Roe v. Wade. This would overturn that case, but abortion in the United States would not come to an end. The issue would instead be sent back to the states, to be decided in the state legislatures and state supreme courts. As said, California, New York, and Illinois have unashamedly declared themselves “abortion sanctuaries”. One can expect that the rest of the Democrat controlled states will follow suit, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion. If the Church arises in these places and forces the issue to be discussed and the details revealed to its fullest extent, then by no means is this issue going to be a foregone conclusion for abortion in those states.

In essence, it is like a line being drawn from God in heaven upon this nation, between those who will stand with God, and those who are against Him. And that is the prelude to Judgement: “multitudes in the valley of decision.”

The entertainment industry has for the longest time stood solidly with the abortion industry. Concocted storylines that portray the victimhood of females and demean all males as abusers is the repeated sights and sounds. Never do they talk about the dangers of abortion, or consequences of bad behavior, or the warning to stay away from that behavior. Sex has been desacredized and sold cheaply to children in middle school and high school. And all the way above.

There are no limitations, no restrictions. “Do what you want!” And if you get pregnant, don’t worry! Get an abortion! If you are a woman who is “going places”, if you aspire to promotions or high office, and that “pregnancy “has thrown a wrench into your plans-don't worry! Get an abortion! Who cares about “guilt”? After all, personalities such as Oprah Winfrey were peddling “I just had an abortion” T-shirts! Hollywood actresses have bragged openly on awards shows about the abortions they had and how it was “the best decision they ever made.” Be like those wonderful, successful, beautiful, put together people! They get standing ovations for their “courage”.

No one in the mainstream media or the entertainment industry is going to question the motives of Planned Parenthood despite the utter callousness and depravity that have been brought to light by undercover journalists such as Project Veritas, such as when one of their group was selling aborted baby fetuses in jars-oh no, don’t second question Planned Parenthood. Let me stop with the satire here.

This subject is not going to be settled when the pro-abortion groups cannot agree on the ideas that they are espousing about “bodily autonomy” (as when the political left was screaming for COVID vaccine and mask mandates-demanding that people lose their jobs or driven out of society in general if they did not comply), or hold firm to that idea without coming across as the worst kind of cold-blooded killers (as when they cannot explain how the difference between a human being and a “clump of cells” is less than 2-8 inches with regards to a full term baby in the womb-and yet even as this reality presented right before them-they scream “we can do anything we want with our bodies!”).

Women should be offended by what has been going in the last month in the mainstream with the transgender movement. Female athletics are being destroyed by males competing as trans women-and not one Feminist group said a word. What’s worse, neither they (the feminists) or their politicians in Congress or in the 50 state legislatures could answer the simple question which political commentator Matt Walsh made famous on the Dr. Phil show: What is a woman? The LGBTQ...ridiculous answer was, “it is whoever identifies themselves as a Woman.” But they could not explain, ‘What is a Woman?’ How does one identify as a Woman without defining what is a Woman?

One month ago, not a single Democrat representative in Congress could answer that question, and the new Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson claimed she could not answer that question because she was not a qualified Biologist. (In my personal opinion-no matter what opinion she renders from the bench-she has made herself immortal with that statement!)

Now apparently everybody knows what a woman is, and they are screaming at the top of their lungs-at least for this month. (June is supposed to be LGBTQ Pride month in the United States.) I wonder if Women in this country and the world are seeing through the hypocrisy, lies, and lunacy of the Feminists movements as well as Planned Parenthood? The groups care not one whit about women or girls anywhere. Rather they are possessed with insanity of hell and with a clenched fist decided to play the rebel against God almighty and anything the Bible says or stands for, and that is why the most appalling statements are coming from their mouths-just as it did with the Nazis in the 1930s, the Eugenicists at the beginning of the 20th century, and every other movement or idea devoid of the presence of God.

I hope and pray that the majority of the justices on the Supreme Court stand firm to the very end. Yes, I know if their opinion stands, it will not end abortion in the United States, but merely return it to the state legislatures-so be it. This particular point has the power to trigger a real revival among church groups in each state. This is not mere politics, it is the greatest soul searching of each ministry/church, and each purported believer in Jesus Christ. Each believer in Jesus Christ is going to have to answer the questions of “What is Life?” and “When does it begin?” from their perspective of Jesus Christ. Is there any way to hear the heartbeat or see the sonogram images of a child in the womb and say, “that is not life”, and then read in the Gospels of the Birth of Jesus, and particularly when the angel Gabriel told Mary how that particular conception would happen? A dividing line will be drawn across this nation by God on this very issue, just as it was in ancient Israel.

There are so-called “Christian” groups trying to put out the message that abortion is somehow OK (President Joe Biden apparently bought their idea with regards to his recent comments about the subject)-well I hope that people will understand that these groups are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. Anyone who follows their logic, or their practice will end up in destruction in this life, and damnation in the next one.

And what of the victims of rape and incest? What of unwanted children? These questions are thrown by people who pretend to care about these crimes and the victims; but realistically, no. It is rather a cynical challenge-a cynicism that was part of the ancient world- and the true Church of the 21st century will have to answer those questions as the true Church of the first centuries answered them: with a focus on the Cross of Calvary. Lawrence, a deacon in the church at Rome in the 258 AD, said it like this to the Roman judges who were demanding the “treasures of the Church”. Gathering all the abandoned infants, orphan children, sick and destitute people from the streets which the Body of Christ took in, he faced the Roman court and responded, “here they are-these are the treasures of the Church”. The Romans promptly had them all slaughtered.

If the Holy Spirit moves on the people of the Church, that question will not be a problem, but rather a testimony against this evil and wicked world.

“They will know, we are Christians by our Love”-from the song “We are One in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord.”