The Mystery of Lawlessness Series: Malice

This week, the Mueller Report was released, basically clearing President Donald Trump, his family, and his administration from charges relating to colluding with Russian government agents to affect the result of the 2016 presidential election. According to the Democrats, this collusion did effect the results of the election since there was “absolutely no way” that Hillary Clinton could otherwise lose! The case was nothing more than a hoax derived from a sore loser in order to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. No, even more than that, this hoax was meant to destroy Donald Trump personally. Robert Mueller, the former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, considered two years ago to be the “perfect prosecutor, ” “a man above reproach, ” was appointed Special (Independent) Counsel by the Justice Department, and along with his team of lawyers (all of them, according to reports, were anti-Trump) he investigated the Trump Campaign for the last two years. Many people have no idea of the power of a Special Counsel. No one in the history of the United States who has been investigated by such an individual would call their experience “enjoyable.” Rather, even decades removed, people on opposite sides of the political spectrum, such as Lt. Colonel Oliver North (former president of the National Rifle Association and former National Security Staff member during the Reagan Administration and the focal point of the Iran-Contra Scandal, investigated by Special Counsel Lawrence Walsh) and President Bill Clinton (the two-term Democrat former President of the United States who was investigated by Special Counsel Kenneth Starr in the aftermath of the Lewinsky Affair and on other charges of corruption therein) both hold bitter memories of the experiences with the Special/Independent Counsel, almost to the point of a personal grudges. Why? There is almost nothing restricted to the investigation process of the counsel, and almost nothing restricting the counsel. In a democracy like the United States, with the added special effects provided by the media, issues like privacy and propriety are hurled out the door in the name of “finding out the truth.” From the time of the Watergate Investigation during the 1970s, all the way to this present Mueller investigation, it is a notorious fact that members of the Special Counsel’s Committee will leak information to the press despite the law that says all its matter must be held with strict confidentiality. The reasons for doing so are numerous, but from my observation it has something to do with influencing the media narrative or point of view and thereby influencing the mood of the American people. The second reason is for the sake of power. No one likes to be put under the powerful proverbial microscope of a Special Counsel investigation, but if one were to withhold any information about anything, the media leaks will insure that such privacy is “cause for alarm,” something sinister.

Furthermore, the press had their own angle in this investigation. As former CBS journalist Lara Logan said recently, 85% of the media are liberals, therefore it is no surprise that there is an adversarial relationship between the Trump Administration and the news media. While one cannot force the news media to be more objective, the press is not in a position to demand credibility, for the simple fact that they themselves have no credibility, and really, the media has no third party judging them nor will they tolerate a third party judging them. CNN, after the Mueller Report was made public, gave themselves awards on their “accurate news coverage.” The term “award winning,” according to the press, has absolutely no credibility among the mass public, and such awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, really should not have any credibility. CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, as well as several other notable journalists such as Carl Bernstein (from the famous Woodward and Bernstein Duo at the Washington Post that broke out the Watergate affair that ended up bringing down President Nixon’s administration), Jeff Tapper, and others have claimed that “they did nothing wrong” and in fact their coverage was in fact “award winning” and “perfect.” Zucker justified this claim by saying that they were “reporting the facts” they were given by sources and that they (the journalists) were “not investigators.” Incredible… especially if he thinks anyone with a grain of sense would buy such an idiotic explanation!

Despite what Robert Mueller and his committee concluded, neither the hatred for nor the intention “to get” the President by any means necessary, has abated or will abate. God forbid if the President, who is now proven to be elected legally, should continue through his term as President of the United States without being legally scarred or judged for “posterity’s sake.”
Malice – the intention to do evil – has taken root in the hearts and minds of so many people in positions of power and influence that it has become the worldview, the dominant mentality and viewpoint of their lives. No other idea that would logically challenge their viewpoint is allowed. No other interest or consideration takes a hold of their imagination or talents. It’s a rage on steroids and to such an extent that whichever idea that they cling to, this rage must be true and justified regardless of how bogus it is or how destructive.

I know that to some, what I am about to say may sound like a redundant cliché, but all of this is another sign of the Mystery of Lawlessness that is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians. Malice, the driving emotion or force which leads to the belief in self-serving lies that pave the way for destroying another person perceived as an enemy – it is the frightening situation of these days. If the powers that be, the “establishment,” decides through nefarious yet “legal” means to destroy a person’s life, there is almost nothing to stop it. It is a new version of the only lynch mobs of a 100 years ago. Attorney General William who has ordered an “investigation on the investigators” told CBS News that while he did not question the patriotism of people in power in the Justice Department and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA, as well as the State Department, he did say that it was possible that the people who invented this idea of Russian Collusion and instigated this investigation deluded themselves (in essence) into thinking that their actions (which would be considered underhanded, subversive, and perhaps maybe even illegal) was somehow “good for the country.”

In the case of President Trump, the Mueller Report and Attorney General William Barrs concurrence is basically going to preclude any chance at an impeachment but the Democrat controlled House method of operation from here on out will be to conduct any and every type of investigation, ad infinitum – to infinity. The tactic is basically to poison the air around the President because no subpoena or investigation is going to be met or accepted without legal challenges in court. That said, it should also be noted that the news media, which according to every media research group out there is anti-Trump, is going to be leaping breathlessly, like Don Quixote charging at windmills, screaming that they were giants, at every “piece of information” like it’s a groundbreaking scoop. And the American people will get sick of it.

Malice is on full display. Many people do not understand the true destruction taking place here, and it is not only with this Mueller Investigation, though that is the clearest example. Robert Mueller is no righteous “Boy Scout” beyond reproach; he and his committee are in fact implacable connivers with hidden agendas despite their public fronts. What power did he lack? What limits were on him and his committee? Nothing. Instead, as many have pointed out, he “stood the American justice system on its head” when he said that his report, while not finding enough proof to indict or convict President Trump or his campaign committee with any kind of relationship or collusion with Russia, did not exonerate him from the crime of trying to “obstruct justice,” even though there was no evidence to prove this crime either. Whatever instances or personal experience behind closed doors that Donald Trump and/or his associates had are not criminal and were not criminal, no matter how unflattering or unsavory that they might seem for the simple reason that there was no underlying crime (namely collusion) and secondly in the American legal world, it is very hard to prove intent if an action was not carried out. (For example, if I say to someone “I want to smash their car” but the someone, hasn’t carried out my desire-where is the crime?) What was Mueller’s rationale for saying that his report did not “exonerate the President” and that if he and his committee had beyond the shadow of doubt that the President did not engage in something illegal they would have said so, despite the fact that his position does not allow him to insinuate anything, only to look at the facts before him and clearly point out where the law was broken? Nothing more than just to continue the legislative investigations with the single objective of harassing, discrediting Donald Trump and making his Presidency ineffective. I came to this conclusion after I watched Attorney General William Barr’s interview with CBS News.

While this shenanigan is going on, the nation will suffer with real problems with illegal immigration and the very real threat of an unsecure southern border, international/national security issues between the United States and nations such as China and Iran, the opioid crisis, the medical insurance crisis and a whole host of other issues. Neither the Democrats in Congress nor their allies in the media (which is really no better than a Propaganda Ministry at this point) is in the least bit concerned about any of these issues now, if they have ever been. Instead, the political left will continue to despise and demonize the President as these problems continue to fester, and the American people are the ones who will suffer most.

Malice: I believe that it’s part of that idea of ‘Lawlessness’ the Bible mentions in 2 Thessalonians – the “mystery of Lawlessness.” Lawlessness does not need to mean Anarchy. In fact, far from it. The King James uses the word “Sin.” Sin is relevant with or without rules. It is prevalent in the world of legality. Something can be legal and at the same time be sinful. Sin brings the hidden agendas, malicious intents, and any other secret conspiracies to the level of the Spiritual –Ephesians 6: 10-12.

Malice: the inner feeling or agenda to destroy. We neglect to realize what Jesus Christ said to His disciples in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 is happening right this very moment: “Because lawlessness is increased, most peoples’ love will grow cold (Matthew 24: 12).” That “coldness” is seemingly everywhere because Malice seems to be everywhere. And where ever it shows up, where ever it is the prevalent force of will, let the people be warned that a “coldness” will follow which will eventually be manipulated by the devil for his objectives and aims. We mention it with regard to the political world because it is something that in the West is easily accessible on mass media, and it has significance to the personal freedoms that so many take for granted, and God help us if we ever forget the wisdom that the forefathers of the United States handed down over the ages. As William Penn, the founder of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania said, “Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants.” Those tyrants can show up when that “coldness” prevails in our churches and in our institutions.

A few weeks ago, I watched the openly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, on one of his normal tirades against Vice President Mike Pence, a born-again Christian and former governor of the state of Indiana. Buttigieg’s attacks have almost exclusively been against Mike Pence’s faith and the Biblical stand against the homosexual lifestyle despite the fact that Pence has not in the past nor in his present position advocated any kind of legal action against homosexuality or as many activists say, advocate things such as electro shock therapy for people who are of that lifestyle to “bring them back to normalcy.” “Guilty by default,” seems to be the position of Buttigieg in regards to Vice President Pence, though he has admitted that while Pence was governor of Indiana, their dealing were always civil, correct, and proactive. And yet, the mayor railed that anyone who believed the way that Pence’s Christian faith proclaimed in regards to lifestyle was unfit for office, indeed unfit for the right to live or do anything among the people of the United States; and then with the same mouth say “everyone has the right to believe whatever they want.” God in heaven! Have mercy over your people!

I remembered a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “The prince of darkness is a gentleman.” This is not intended to point out only Buttigieg, who is running for President of the United States, but virtually everyone on the political left have made similar statements. I wonder if anyone is paying attention. Do they hear the Malice?

It will not be too long and it is not just with regards to government. Malice seems to have pervaded everything from the business world, the arts, to education. Every facet seems ready to throw freedom and liberty (God given gifts) away and welcome a Tyrant, in the name of Malice. But perhaps the most dangerous aspect is with regards to the Church. The Church (the Body of Christ, the True “called out ones”, God’s “salt” and “light”), seems cold, browbeaten, flavorless. The question we should ask ourselves is, “are we good for nothing more than to be cast out on the street and be trampled by men?” Matthew 5:13-16.