Satan’s Clown – The Chris Farley Chapter

“I’m a clown, but I cry.”  That line was made famous in a comedic song by the legendary comedian Chris Farley of Saturday Night Live.  This was way back in the 1990s, when SNL was really funny and had one of the best groups of stars in the history of the show.  Farley would have been considered the funniest of the group with his over the top antics, and he seemed always on maximum adrenaline in just about every role he played.  “Anything for a laugh” seemed to be the motto he lived by, and with his close collaboration with fellow SNL star David Spade, they produced some of the funniest comedy that has ever been seen on television or in movies.  Farley once reduced the rationale behind his humor to one laconic fact: “people just want to watch a fat man fall down.”  There is truth in that statement, but it should also be said that Farley made former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich one of the most famous political caricatures played on SNL-something that the former Speaker appreciated.

Despite all the humor he conjured for the general public, behind closed doors, Farley had a horrifying drinking and drug abuse problem, which, compounded with his obesity, cut his life short at the age of 33.  According to some, Farley’s substance and alcohol abuse contributed to his intense, over-the-top antics and performance.  Several of his friends on SNL warned him to stop, but either he would not, or more likely could not.  It was a death that shocked his fellow collaborators on SNL, particularly his close comedic partner David Spade, who not only did not attend his funeral, but essentially dropped out of most public performances, refusing to talk about the death of his friend for almost ten years.

For me, the most poignant moment of his comedy was watching him sing “I’m a clown but I cry” on the Conan O’Brien late night show.  He was at the pinnacle of the entertainment world at that point, and he revealed a serious part of his life with that song, and the audience nearly collapsed in laughter…until he died.  And then the world discovered the face behind the clown mask.  I cried then and I cry now.

I use the example of Chris Farley (with the addition of his “I’m clown but I cry” song) to emphasize two points.  First, anything in front of the cameras must be taken as an “act”-very seldom do people match in private what they are in public.  Secondly, it must be said that in general, a vast majority of people can be swayed by the act in front of the camera.  One could not gauge Farley’s private life when he sang the song; was he telling the truth about his own life at the moment, or was it just another ‘over-the-top’ antic?  No one could tell unless you saw him in private.

The Antichrist will be the perfect, two-faced clown.  But there is a spiritual component here that will also make his power possible-Satan.  In his second letter to the Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul wrote that God would send a “deluding influence” so that the people of the world at the time will believe the lie.  Furthermore, referencing the Antichrist again, Paul says that the “mystery of lawlessness” (the driving spirit on that man) is already in the world today, seducing people to fall for the lies of Sin and Destruction.

The Bible talks about two parts regarding the persona of the Antichrist; the first being the Rider of the White Horse (Revelation 5) and the second being the Beast (Revelation 13).  The first is the glorified clown; the second will be the beast behind the mask.  It is important for anyone who is interested in regards to the Bible’s prophecies about the end times to understand that there are two books that must be read in tandem if one is to understand get a clearer blueprint of all that will happen: the books of Daniel and Revelation.  Daniel goes into great detail to describe the nature, demeanor, and actions of the Antichrist (particularly in chapters 9-12).  He is crooked, wily, calculating, deceptive, and yet extremely violent, diabolical and destructive to such an extent that he will “cast down the stars of heaven” (Daniel 8) and “wear down the saints” (Revelation 13).  Satan’s clown; the world will follow him, laugh with him, cry for him, be violently moved by him to destruction.  And in spite all the carnage that he wreaks on the world, many will not see the story behind the clown face until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to Earth for all the world to see.  How does the world get set up for a clown like this?

The first and foremost answer is three letter word which the Bible points out is mankind’s worst problem; Sin.  Sin is not merely an action or actions but rather a nature that the human race acquired with the Fall in the Garden of Eden-something that was acquired by choice.  It is a strange aspect to our human experience that God and Satan both call out to us every day.  We have a choice as to whom we will respond.  God will not change His Word, and no one will be able to say that the devil made them do anything.  God is the supreme Judge and His is the last court at which all of us will appear at some point in our lives.  And on that day, if anyone comes up with some excuse akin to “the devil made me do it”, the response will be only one thing: nail prints and scars on the Judge Himself.  One will get a chance to see what the Lord saw from the Cross and understand: there was no excuse for anything.

It is from this Sin nature that an attitude of rebellion rises up against God and makes selfishness and human strength seem paramount: “I can and I will, and no one can stop me!” This opens each person to self-delusion, first.  With regards to Satan’s clown, and not just him but anyone and everyone who aspires to “greatness” without God, the ideas they come up with are presented so charismatically as to sway multitudes of people to their scheme.

As I write this chapter, there is a serious attack on liberty in this nation, and it is all being done by the proverbial clowns!  In the aftermath of the January 6 “riot”, or “insurrection” that happened at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., literally the “powers that be” descended into hysterical meltdown.  The Big Tech giants (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon) all began a “purge”: the censorship of conservatives who supported President Donald Trump.  In a few days’ time, several personalities lost their social media platforms and accounts on which, in many cases, their livelihoods were attached. Millions of people dumped Twitter overnight and adopted Parler, Twitter’s competitor and a social media site that marketed itself as the most “non-censoring” site on the internet in regards to free speech.  It had a growing conservative audience already, but only two weeks ago, the traffic peaked so extraordinarily that Parler ascended to the number one app in the Apple store. And yet, it was closed down by Apple and Amazon when Parler refused to tow the “party line” of the Big Tech giants and their Democrat overlords in Washington.

Over the last several days, the talk from the left began to take an increasingly sordid turn.  A legal advisor at PBS was recorded covertly, suggesting violence at the White House (against President Trump), and that the children of Republicans should be “taken away to reeducation camps.”  And this was a lawyer for PBS.

Under the aegis of Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives) a second impeachment against President Trump was begun and passed by a majority of the House, including ten never-Trump Republicans led by Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming (for which she, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was subsequently censured for by the Republican Caucus of the state of Wyoming)-all in the name of condemning the President for “instigating a riot”. This, despite the fact that nothing he said that day supported any acts of violence, and that many of the trespassers who broke into the building did so before he even began his speech that day in front of his supporters.  Legal scholars such as Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz condemned the whole thing as sham and a dangerous precedent, as there was seemingly no evidence of a crime committed by President Trump-other than free speech.

And now, all of a sudden, every conservative is branded a “terrorist”.  Washington D.C. becomes a fortress with fences and barricades, and 26,000 national guardsmen posted to provide security for the Biden Inauguration on January 20. This was the biggest military presence in the city since the riots that occurred in the aftermath of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968; an even bigger military presence than during the Civil War.  Supposedly, the story was that every state capital would see similar attacks. Fake news: so far that has not happened.  Then the vile democrat congressman Steve Cohen from Tennessee, made a bizarre claim that the national guards troops were a threat to the incoming administration since (according to the congressman) 80 percent supposedly voted for President Trump, and because they were mostly white men, they were “a threat to the new president and vice president”.  He wanted investigations and background checks on all of them to presumably get rid of anyone who supported President Trump.

Further calls for internal police-secret police-to spy on Americans is rising without any kind of restraint or opposition from the political left, while Joe Biden plays a caricature-like Chris Farley (today he wept as he began the trek to Washington D.C. from Delaware.  I’m sure a lot of people out there thought, “What a dear soul!”) . Oh of course Old Joe is a moderate!  He would not support any of these things!  After all, he is friends with such wonderful people as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham!  Right.  His most “revolutionary idea” was to appoint a transgender person as Deputy in Health and Human Services.  Dissent will not be tolerated!  Political Correctness is the order of the day, and in its name he will try to make a new nuclear treaty with Iran and rejoin the insane Paris Climate Accords (hopefully, this latter action will get the attention of the people of Pennsylvania, and their political bosses who violated them).

But it is not just Biden.  Every single one of these proposals was made by people who are “liberals”, “freethinkers”, people who were open to new ideas and lifestyles which those “crazy Bible thumpers” are against, supporters of “free expression and free thought” who, before achieving power, were all about “tolerance” and “listening to divergent opinions”.  In actuality, they are all worshippers of the “mystery of lawlessness” that the Apostle Paul wrote about to the Thessalonians, and they are only foreshadowing what the ultimate clown-the Antichrist-will do increasingly until his ultimate form as the Beast is revealed.  One need only look to realize that their ultimate hatred is toward God and the Bible: they hate Him and will not tolerate in the least anyone who stands for Him (and why not? It sounds exactly like people who are possessed with the spirit or spirits associated with the dragon in Revelation 12).  These are clowns, God only knows if they cry.  Or, whether they are another manifestation in secret-like John Wayne Gacy!

In previous writings, I warned the readers and listeners not to trust the government.  This is obviously true.  But now I extend that further.  Do not trust anyone in the liberal-left dominated media.  These groups of clowns are the most despicable animals out there, and I do not say this lightly.  It is a fact that tens of millions of conservatives and Christians all over the world will tune out the media now (which explains for me why Fox news quite literally collapsed in its ratings after Election Day), but that is something we must do sparingly, for until the Trumpet of the Lord sounds, we have to live in this country and these group of clowns will do their uttermost to make us miserable, and for the sake of our children who they seek to destroy, we must stand strong.  They will fail.  But remember that this whole thing is a circus act with car loads full of clowns, and God only knows what kind of policies and madness they will try and enact, which will ultimately destroy this nation.

And what of those who fall for the clown show?  I really cannot say anything to the unbelieving, un-churched crowd; unless God does a miracle, they are headed for destruction.  But within the church world, many claim that we should be “more loving” and “more humble”.  I would say differently-not exactly opposite-just differently.  What would these people be like if hell showed up on earth?  And for far too many, that is exactly where they are headed.  For others, they fulfill what the Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 and Hosea 4:6: they are destroyed for lack of vision and knowledge.  And a third scripture written to the church in Sardis: they have a name that says they are alive, but they are dead (Revelation 3:1-2).

As I close, I want to include one final story-another “clown” story!  This morning, I happened to see a Twitter feed from photojournalist Andy Ngo.  I mentioned in a previous article that as a photojournalist, Ngo has covered the BLM and ANTIFA groups and their violence throughout the United States with greater scrutiny than anyone else, especially in the city of Portland, Oregon (perhaps he is so driven to this cause because he was physically assaulted by them so horribly, and yet law enforcement in Portland did nothing).  On his Twitter account was the story of a BLM activist/teacher/former Food Network cooking show winner Ariel Robinson of Greenville, South Carolina.  Ariel Robinson, the lively winner of the competition on the Worst Cooks in America.  Ariel Robinson, who boasted on Twitter that she and her husband had adopted white children and that they treated them the same as her black children (ideally to present BLM as a superior idea or cause for the world, I assume).  Ariel Robinson, who along with her husband Jerry Robinson, was arrested and charged for the crime of homicide against their adopted, white, 3 year-old daughter (apparently, the little girl died of “blunt force trauma”; severe physical abuse).  The Food Network has pulled all of the shows this woman was on last year, and the school district that she was part of in South Carolina has suspended her teaching license.  However, Twitter has not suspended her account.

Chris Farley: “I’m a clown…but I cry”.   At least he still could.  I wonder if Ariel Robinson does.  Satan’s clown will not.